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10illpoets.com Site Updates

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  • H. J. Lee Bennett, III
    Nov 9, 2004
      For those who don't know, the last couple of months have been
      extremely productive, as we've added new featured artists and
      illpoets.com has launched a section for Book and Game Reviews. Not
      only that, but illpoets.com has also added even more music reviews
      on some of your favorite artists like Jill Scott and Mos Def. Also,
      we just officially launched the illpoets.com online store! Now you
      can start purchasing some of your favorite illpoets products
      directly from the source. More products are being readied to launch
      in the online store, one of which is the highly anticipated
      illpoets.com debut CD, All Seasons! Indeed, the LP is ready, and
      should be arriving in our store within the next couple of weeks.
      So, take a moment to run through illpoets.com and drop us a line
      through the feedback section of the site if you like. I took the
      liberty of adding a couple of links that may interest you within the