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  • George Barbour
    Aug 18 8:50 AM
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      I recently had a argument with a co-worker of mine (ironically Puerto-Rican) about the term African American. She had informed me that Senator Kerry's wife is or was from South Africa and considered herself African American. So what I replied. If she was born in Africa and lives in American and wants to call herself African American big deal. In my opinion the world is African American because that's where life started. Right?
      Anyhow she proceeded to tell me how blacks were upset about this. She's telling me blacks are upset. Me>>>>black Her>>>>Puerto Rican. Follow me. She goes on to say that blacks shouldn't be mad and they (African American blacks) should not be referring to themselves as African Americans anyway because they were born here (out of the mud is what it felt like she was saying to me).
      Well that did it. I have always just considered myself black, yet I felt compelled to tell this fool that we (black Americans born here) are AFRICAN AMERICANS because our roots come from AFRICA. No one ever tells Irish Americans, Italian Americans, Spanish Americans, Jewish Americans to be content with calling themselves Americans. Why do people always want to disassociate the us with our heritage. For the record Puerto Ricans are AFRICAN Americans too. Those boats came to Puerto Rico first. They picked sugar cane we picked cotton. They have more of a mixture of Spanish and Native Indian blood than we do but believe me the African presence is there as well. I just had to vent and I am looking for any information on how I can educate this obviously blind and misguided individual. Thanks poets.

      George C Barbour

      Love, Life, Live



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