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Brian Miller's Garden Tractor Pulling Tips & Tricks New Web Site

Brian Miller's Garden Tractor Pulling Tips & Tricks New Web Site: http://gardentractorpullingtips.com/
Brian Miller
Nov 2, 2008

earl park truck pull

Hi. My name is jason rose and i am the chairman of the earl park fall festival truck and tractor pull. I have added a #1,900 mini mod class to our pull this
ya right
Aug 5, 2004

Hopefully they got the clutch fixed

Stan and Jim Ridgway will hopefully get that clutch back on the JD 6030, and win another pull. They were working on it today. Bill Ridgway in Texas
Bill and Adrienne Ridgway
Jul 21, 2004

Results after Washington Co.

Does anyone have any results for any pull after Washington Co? Specifically the 12FS? Thanks, Bill
Bill and Adrienne Ridgway
Jul 15, 2004

Green vs. Red

Since I live in Texas (as I have repeated ad nauseum, I am sure), I do not know if the Green vs. Red ribbing still goes on, and if it does, in recent history,
Bill and Adrienne Ridgway
Jul 13, 2004

Re: Deeeres

This tractor used to belong to the Kneppers here in Illinois. I believe the Buck they are referring to is the dollar. Mickey left the name the same when he
Jul 13, 2004


Question: Does anyone know the source of the name of the tractor "Buck Eater"? That sounds to me like it should belong on an IH, rather than a Deere, but I
Bill and Adrienne Ridgway
Jul 13, 2004

Re: Forum activity, points, etc.

Thanks for the explanation of the point standings. However, I was wondering, even if you were to post them, and they would be out of date the instant they
Bill and Adrienne Ridgway
Jul 13, 2004

Forum activity, points, etc.

Glad to see some activity here on the ITPA forum. Be advised that there is no other forum currently in use for for our association. This is it. For whatever
Jul 12, 2004

Re: [Illinois Tractor Pulling Assoc] Are there any active members o

I joined the list along time ago and you Bill, are the first post I have recieved yet I would like to be active even though I dont pull I love to watch the
Chad Showalter
Jul 12, 2004

Are there any active members on this list?

There have been just 3 posts besides mine in the last 11 months. Is this list no longer used? Is there another list I should join? Just wondering. Bill
Bill and Adrienne Ridgway
Jul 12, 2004

ITPA standings, current

Hello everyone, this is my first post to this list. A little about me, I am Bill Ridgway, I am in Texas, so besides the telephone, this is my source of
Bill and Adrienne Ridgway
Jul 11, 2004

semi hitches

Does anybody know the new hitch heighth for the semi class?
Jan 28, 2004

9000# Farm Stock Rules

i was just wondering if i could get a set of rules for the 9 farm stock class as i am considering building one. if anyone would send me the rules i would
Dec 14, 2003

Web site?

Just wondering when it might get updated??? Soon I hope
Nov 7, 2003
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