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  • Judi or Duane
    Hello Krista I certainly feel for your father!!! I had just turned 40 when I lost my colon. I also had the J-pouch. Internal pouch and I had problems too.
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      Hello Krista
      I certainly feel for your father!!! I had just turned 40 when I lost my
      colon. I also had the J-pouch. Internal pouch and I had problems too. My
      pouch never functioned properly for many reasons, mostly ongoing
      inflammation. After a year and a half with taking lots of fiberall and
      medicine to reduce the diarrhea I started bleeding again from the
      inflammation. I had the pouch removed. I thought I would have a better
      lifestyle if I were plumbed properly. I was wrong, the frequency the
      cramping and pain were as bad if not worse than having UC, ulcerative
      colitis. Adhesions can be a real problem, especially if there was lots of
      infection and inflammation. I am sorry to hear he is so miserable. Your
      life does change, and I had to re invent myself. I also was severely
      depressed, some of that I attribute to coming off Prednisone, and some my
      natural tendency to get down about things I can't control. Life is still a
      learning process for me at 56 and 4 revisions later. I am on disability was
      unable to return to my career as a Registered Nurse, tho I tried to work
      after each operation.
      Re inventing at my age wasn't easy! I turned inward and was quite lost for
      a time. Fortunately I have a great husband and one of my sisters was there
      for me too. Your Dad seems to have a good support system too. Eating the
      right foods is still sometimes a problem as I tend to cheat on food I love.
      I was nearly a vegetarian when I got ill, with eating only a small amount of
      red meat, fish and chicken. I had to learn to eat differently, dress
      differently( to avoid embarrassing bulges). I had to give up the whole
      grains I so love, and salads. Not everyone has to go this route, but many
      do. The first time I ate half an orange, I was in the hospital. The time I
      picked a young green bean from my garden and ate it, boom, in the hospital.
      I was sure I had chewed properly, THAT is MAJOR. Many on the list can eat
      many things I can't and they all say chew chew chew. Perhaps your Dad used
      to wolf down his food. Now eating slowly and chewing every little bite to
      paste seems the order of the day.
      The only thing I can say is if he is having that much difficulty and pain he
      may want to get another opinion about whether or not he has adhesions, or
      perhaps there is a medication or herbal tea that will help the spasm. I
      find mint tea very soothing, and papaya juice helps with the acid.
      I have had to go to low fiber, low acid, nondairy diet. No wonder I cheat
      now and then . . .but I always pay for it in bloating and pain.
      You sound like a lovely daughter, and your Dad is lucky to have you.
      This list will give you lots of support and try to answer you questions
      Love and Light

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