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Re: [I-I Kiwanis Division 8] Planning for upcoming year

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  • William Scharringhausen
    Kathy ... Presuming you are planning your first Division 8 meeting for Wed, Oct 2nd, Park Ridge-Morning is planning their InstallationRecognition Dinner for
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      Kathy ... Presuming you are planning your first Division 8 meeting for Wed, Oct 2nd, Park Ridge-Morning is planning their InstallationRecognition Dinner for Wed Oct 9th.  We would like you and Jerry to be our guests on that date ... dinner, etc at Park Ridge Country Club.  Please confirm.  Thanks.
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      Sent: Thursday, August 8, 2013 11:04 AM
      Subject: [I-I Kiwanis Division 8] Planning for upcoming year
      The summer is coming to the end and we are getting ready for another new Kiwanis year.  I am very excited to severe as your Lt. Governor this year.  I am starting to plan my year as Lt. Governor and you as new officers should also be planning for  your upcoming year.  The following things you should start thinking about or doing are:
      1)      Plan goals for your upcoming  year as President.  Think about what type of service, fundraising or membership you want your club to do and make long and short term goals showing how you plan to execute your goals.  Make sure you use smart goals that are measurable (example:  hold quarterly membership drives with a goal to add 5 new members by  Sept. 30, 2014.  or increase service hours by 20% by Dec. 31, 2013).
      2)      Start getting your committee’s together.  Find a chair or lead for each committee.   Pick the correct person for each chair position, don’t be afraid to switch rolls up to keep things fresh. Try to match up an experienced member with a newer member to foster more leadership in your club.
      3)      Come up with a theme to motivate your club members.
      Governor Patty’s Theme is “Building Bridge’s Connecting Generations”
      My theme is “Build Kathy Kash to Connect to Clubs” (more to come on this)
      3)      Plan your end of year meeting to retire outgoing officers and inducting incoming officers.  I would love to be part of this, please send me dates as soon as possible. 
      Please start planning for a very successful year in growth, service, fundraising, and have fun!!!!!
      If you have any questions please let me know as I am here to serve you this year. 
      Yours In Service,
      Kathy Scheuing
      Director of Volunteer Services
      1835 W. Central Road,
      Arlington Heights, IL 60005
      847-385-5016 Fax 847-870-7741
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