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March 1 bulletin

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  • Jim Dewey
              The Palatine Kiwanian www.palatinekiwanis.com Serving the Palatine Community since 1960 ***March 1, 2011 The art of good listening Our
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                The Palatine Kiwanian www.palatinekiwanis.com

      Serving the Palatine Community since 1960 ***March 1, 2011

      The art of good listening

      Our speaker was Amanda Bolivar. Amanda has had speaking engagements that have empowered individuals with the right tools to create powerful and effective environments both in their careers and in their personal relationships.  She talked about how our listening skills can be improved by realizing how we listen, and how we should listen.  As we hear a speaker, most of us are thinking one or more of the following: 

      ·         Get to the point

      ·         Win/lose          

      ·         Find the flaw     

      ·         Right/wrong                  

      ·         I know  

      ·         Name that tune

      ·         Either/or

      ·         Agree/disagree

      ·         Attack  

      ·         What am I going to say next


      She showed us how to become better listeners by listening for:

      ·         Possibility                                            

      ·         Their commitment

      ·         The Gold                                              

      ·         With compassion

      ·         Both/and                                  

      ·         Win/win



      Other news…
      Roy Marzano and Dennis Kemp are investigating changing our Poker Tournament agent.  Dennis has been in touch with the state regarding our license, and it is in the works.
      Plans for this year’s Kite Fly in April are taking shape.  Among the ideas include a Kiwanis tent and kite repair service and free Kiwanis kites for participants.
      Kiwanis One Day will be Saturday April 2.  A project for the club is in the works.

      Murphy’s Laws

      The probability of the toast landing peanut-butter-side-down is directly proportionate to the cost of the carpeting.

      Window polishing:
      It's always on the other side.


      Today’s Inspirational Quotes:

      An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.

      Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)


      After one look at this planet any visitor from outer space would say "I want to see the manager."

      William S. Burroughs (1914 - 1997)



      Spouses’ Birthdays

      Stana Bextel, March 29

      Kelly Ketelboeter, April 17

      Marcia Dewey, May 13

      Pam Hertz, July 30



      Ross Ketelboeter, March 15

      Al Hertz, March 27

      Jim Dewey, April 28

      Dave Yahn, June 16

      Len Mazurowski, June 22


      Spouses’ Birthdays

      Harriet Jessen, December 31



      Bob Jessen, December 1

      Ed Laskowski, December 10

      Roy Marzano, December 22



      Marcia and Jim Dewey, June 22

      Jo Ann and Don Jacobs, June 22

      Jolinda and Jack Brynildssen, July 7

      Nancy and Art Funk, July 13





      Important Events Coming Up

      Watch for these upcoming dates:

      Second and fourth Wednesday of the week during the school year:  Builders Club meets at Sundling Junior High School .  Kiwanis members are welcome to attend.

      Ø       First Wednesday of the month:  Division Council Meeting, 6:30 PM, Faith Lutheran Church , 431 S. Arlington Heights Road , Arlington Heights

      Ø       March 2: Mid-Winter Conference, Park Ridge

      Ø       March 8:  Noon Meeting.  Carol Reagan, Palatine Township Senior Center

      Ø       March 15: Evening Meeting Board Meeting Note: Board Meetings are alternated monthly.  April will be a Board meeting on the on the second Tuesday at noon, and in May on the third Tuesday evening.

      Ø       March 16: Poker Tournament at Arlington Park (pending)

      Ø       March 22: Evening Meeting

      Ø       March 28: Poker Tournament, The Meridian in Arlington Heights

      Ø       March 29: Evening Meeting

      Ø       April 2: Kiwanis International Work Day

      Ø       April 30:  Kite Fly, Palatine Park District

      Ø       July 7-10: International Convention, Geneva , Switzerland

      Ø       August 4-7:  I-I District Convention, Davenport IA

      Ø       September 23-24: PEANUT DAY



      Jim Dewey

      Home Phone: 847-438-4769
      Cell: 224-420-0871

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