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Fwd: Division Council Meeting on February 2

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  • Charlie Pikscher
    ... From: James Parker Date: Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 9:29 AM Subject: Division Council Meeting on February 2 To: twhoffice@sullivanstreet.com,
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      From: James Parker <live2hit@...>
      Date: Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 9:29 AM
      Subject: Division Council Meeting on February 2
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      Hi Folks:  Well I think that discretion being the better part whatever, we will postpone the meeting scheduled for this Wednesday (Feb 2) to following Wednesday (Feb. 9) at the same time and location.  This change has been cleared with the church.  I hope to see many of you on the 9th.  Thanks,  jp



      Club Officers:  This is just a reminder that we have a Division Council coming up at 6:30pm this Wednesday at Faith Lutheran Church, 431 South Arlington Heights Road, AH.  In addition to the regular agenda items, our roundtable discussion topic this month is the new club we hope to get going in the Roselle/Bloomingdale area.  Please mention this to your clubs as we are looking for folks to help us with leads to possible members.  This means family friends, co-workers, school chums and anyone else who may have ties to those communities.  We need all the connections we can muster, especially with respect to the elementary schools (Dist. 54), high school (Lake Park), municipal employees, Park District, Library Boards, etc.  Anyone interested in helping should attend if at all possible.


      One more thing.  Attached is another up date of our Directory prepared by Ed Kenny.  The only changes are in the meeting and officer info for the Rolling Meadows club – thank you Ed and JoAnn.  To save a tree or two you can just copy the RM page and replace the old page in your existing copy of the directory.  Thanks, 


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