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  • Kathleen Scheuing
    May 8, 2014

    Good morning! 

    This is from Andrea with another reminder out to everyone that we need your 2014-15 Presidents and future leaders to REGISTER for CLE training coming to your area soon (beginning next weekend)!  The link to register is below.  We only have 5 people registered total for sessions so far.  We have added many more trainings this year, so there is no excuse not to attend now. J  PLEASE follow up with ALL of your incoming officers to attend CLE this year.  The dates/cities have been on the district website since late fall (http://iikiwanis.org/public_district/pub_Content.aspx?PageID=128 ).  The registration information was in the last Illeiowan, so there’s no reason! J


    Here is the link to register today.  We need people to register so we know what to have material wise.





    This office is fielding way too many questions from officers on a daily basis that would have been answered in these sessions had they attended, they are very valuable. 


    Thanks so much for your help with this matter.


    Also I have attached the upcoming events for inter clubs for Kathy’s Cash!!!!!   Bloomingdale/Roselle is at $1,500 for Kathy’s Cash!!!!!  Let me know where you all are at.  You have until September 30, 2014 to reach $3,000 Kathy Cash!!!!!  Look over the program and if I need to give you more Kathy Cash please let me know.  I also attached the rules of Kathy’s Cash.  If you have any questions let me know.


    I also attached minutes from April Division Council and Treasures report.  If you have any questions please let me know.


    Hope to see some members at Park-Ridge AM breakfast this weekend and next weekend at CLE Training!!!!


    Have a great weekend. 


    Kathy Scheuing

    Kiwanis Club of e-Kiwanis of Greater Chicago

    Lt. Governor Division 8

    C: 630-965-0570

    W: 847-385-5016

    E: kscheuing@...


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