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419FW: Kiwanis - Janet Rowley

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  • Kathleen Scheuing
    Dec 19, 2013
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      Very sad news.  See below.



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      Subject: Kiwanis - Janet Rowley




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      Subject: Janet Rowley


      Attached is the article in the Tribune today about the passing of Janet Rowley.


      Ken Whitmore and I received an invitation a few weeks ago and attended a special reception at the University of Chicago announcing the establishment of Professorship Chair in her name at the University.  While Janet needed the assistance of a wheel chair, she had that famous twinkle in her eye.  We were able to spend a few moments with her while she once again told her friends of the support she received from Kiwanis over the many years.  She particularly spoke of our tour in 2012 and the equipment we donated to her lab, including the efforts of Don Miller in negotiating down the price.


      I told her friends that the Kiwanis members in our District were her biggest “fan club”, if a scientific researcher could ever have a fan club.  When she received an honor, we all shared a sense of pride in knowing we helped support her work.  Janet was one of three long time researchers the Spastic Paralysis Research Foundation honored with a 60th Anniversary Commemorative Coin.




      William Piper

      Execitive Director

      I-I District Spastic Paralysis Research Foundation


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