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385Fw: Kiwanis Reporting Changes/Online Distinguished Form to complete ASAP

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  • Anthony Tripp
    Sep 14, 2013
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      Good Morning  Everyone in Division #8,
      This information was sent over  by the I-I District please read and if you need to  fill out any thing or update the information please do so. If you have not filled out your Club officer information for the 2013-2014 year (which was due by June 2013). Please have your Club Secretary's go online and do so ASAP. Also remember to all officer training to be completed by Sept.30, 2013 Which must be done on line see the link in this message.
      If you have any questions please contact me. at the number below.  Also the enclosed PDF will answer any questions you might have on the new member fees which start on Oct.1, 2013. Please pass this information on to anyone that is not able to receive any form of email if they have fax number I can send over the information that way. 

      Thank you,
      Anthony Tripp
      Kiwanis Club of Park Ridge-Morning
      Lt. Governor Division #8 2012-2013 I-I Kiwanis District
      5223 W. Dakin
      Chicago,Illinois 60641
      773-870-2652 cell

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      From: I-I District of Kiwanis Intl. <iioffice@...>

      Subject: Kiwanis Reporting Changes/Online Distinguished Form to complete ASAP

      Good morning LTG’s for current and upcoming years, Club Officers and others,
      There are MANY things we need to be working on this month.  So I’m attempting to get it all out in one email.  Please read through its entirety and make sure everything has been completed.
      2012-13 and 2013-14 Membership Year End and Year Beginning Counts CHANGE
      Please read the attached document for these details.  We covered this in Secretary Training at DCON in August.  Members that are deleted between October 1-10, 2013 will be deletes for the 2012-13 Kiwanis year.  Members added between October 1-October 10, 2013 will be adds for the 2013-14 Kiwanis year.
      Cost to Enroll New Member International Fee’s CHANGE 2013-14
      Please read the attached document for these details.  This was covered at Secretary Training at DCON in August as well as at ICON in Vancouver.
      Entering Club Officer Elections for 2013-14
      This was due June 1st and we still have over half of our clubs that have not submitted their Officers for the 2013-14 year.  Please do so immediately so we can communicate with club officers from International and District offices.  The Secretary  MUST do this online at www.kiwanisone.org
      Club Leadership Education for 2013-14 President/Secretary
      We have over 60% of our clubs that their Presidents and Secretary’s have not completed the Club Leadership Education.  This MUST be completed by September 30, 2013 for the club to even be considered for Distinguished in 2013-14. 
      Presidents were able to attend the classroom training brought to 9 locations throughout the District this past summer, as well as at District Convention a few weeks ago or online per the instructions below.
      Secretaries were able to attend the classroom training at the District Convention a few weeks ago or online per the instructions below.
      The new President and Secretary online training are available at the link:  https://members.portalbuzz.com/Member/User/Login
      If they have never went to "portalbuzz" before, they will have to register.  I use the same email and password that I use for the KiwanisOne website to make it easier on my brain.
      District Awards
      You can see the District Awards information on our District website at:  http://www.iikiwanis.org/public_district/pub_Content.aspx?PageID=129
      I apologize for informing the Secretaries wrong at Secretary Training at DCON for Interclub Awards.  There is NO form to complete separately, you must make sure you included your Interclub’s on your Monthly Reports to receive this award.
      ALL AWARD SUBMISSION FORMS ARE DUE TO THE DISTRICT OFFICE BY OCTOBER 15, 2013 to be considered.  No exceptions to this.
      Online 2012-13 Distinguished Club Award Program Submission
      I am sending you the link to the on-line application for the 2012-13 Distinguished Club Award Program.  A very determined Joan Wilson, KI's Member Services Manager worked extremely hard with our Information Technology staff at Kiwanis International to create an on-line application form that was understandable and easy to use. Considering the irreducible complexity of technology, we did the best we could to achieve that objective.

      Go to:    http://www.kiwanis.org/1213distinguished

      Let me highlight a few important things about the "credit" award system:
      To be eligible for the 2012-13 Distinguished Club Award, a club MUST earn "12 credits".

      A maximum of three (3) credits are awarded for a minimum of three (3) new members added this administrative year to the club roster.  As we discussed, this is a "plus 3" not a "net 3".  The names of those members must be enrolled with Kiwanis International and receive a Member ID. The Member ID number must be entered on this form.  We cannot count prospective new members; we need to enroll, educate, and involve new and younger members immediately to address the ever-growing needs in our communities.

      A club must certify that the President and Secretary have completed the mandatory "face-to-face" or on-line Club Leadership Education (CLE) requirement during 2012-13. Club leadership education is critical to a club's success and accordingly, we must make this a critical criteria to gain eligibility for the Distinguished Club Award.  One (1) credit will be awarded for required criteria.

      With these FOUR (4) REQUIRED CREDITS, a club must then check boxes to receive eight (8) additional credits in any of the other criteria within the Six Objects categories.

      When a total of TWELVE (12) boxes are checked, and when the required boxes are filled out at the end of the form, the on-line application will be submitted electronically to Kiwanis International.  Let me emphasize that no club will receive the Distinguished Club Award without the review and approval of their 2012-13 District Governor.

      Because this is a new program using on-line applications, the deadline for submission has been extended to NOVEMBER 15, 2013 and all club awards will be announced in late December or early January.

      I hope this answers a lot of questions that seem to be floating out there.  Everyone have a terrific weekend!
      Andrea Raycraft, Executive Director
      Illinois-Eastern Iowa District of Kiwanis International
      2422 E. Washington St, Suite 106
      Bloomington, IL  61704
      Phone:  309-585-2216  Fax:     309-808-1172
      E-mail:  iioffice@...

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