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Re: 154 Clutch Brake Pad Problems

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  • creeperdr
    ... to ... my ... cleaning ... much?? ... I ... pads ... the ... when ... I have seen the little clutch brake buttons replaced with a disc brake pad and it
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      > wrote:
      > >
      > > I know these are a notorius for problems and a design flaw with
      > these
      > > tractors, but lately I seem to be having more troubles with them
      > than
      > > ever before. I just replaced them with new ones this spring and
      > today
      > > have bottomed out on the adjustment.
      > >
      > > Has anyone found a better solution? Maybe a different material
      > use?
      > > I have acces to a machine shop at work and am thinking of making
      > > own. It doesn't seem right that I would need to replace these a
      > couple
      > > of times a year (not to mention the cost of them now).
      > >
      > > As a note, however, the tractor gets used year round for
      > my
      > > driveway in the winter and then mowing several acres the rest of
      > the
      > > time. Maybe I am under-powered and pushing this old beast too
      > >
      > > Any thoughts and/or comments are greatly appreciated.
      > >
      > > Thanks!!
      > > Jeff
      > >
      > You are right about the clutch in the back being a poor design.
      > fixed mine as follows. Mine would squeek with new clutch brake
      > and it was driving me crazy. I removed the clutch brake / linkage/
      > parts after removing the tunnel cover using a SHORT 3/4" wrench (NO
      > NEED TO REMOVE FENDERS!!!). I cleaned up the front of the
      > transmission to shinney metal and replaced everything (pads, pad
      > holder/actuator, springs, bolt etc.). Forget the adjustment in the
      > book. If it is set too tight, it will stop the tractor dead with
      > clutch and if set too loose, it will never stop the clutch from
      > turning. I set mine sort of in the middle. It is loose enough
      > I depress the clutch, the tractor will still roll and at the same
      > time, if the tractor is in neutral, it will take a few seconds to
      > stop the clutch from turning. It is about a 1/2 hr to 1 hr job to
      > change the parts and maybe an hr to adjust it to where it feels
      > right. Mine is quiet now and seems to be working like it use to 20
      > years ago. I am guessing $200.00 for parts. Mine does have fairly
      > new shafts and a complete clutch rebuild.

      I have seen the little clutch brake buttons replaced with a disc
      brake pad and it worked for years without replacing.

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