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8778Re: [IH CUB LoBoy Series] 154 Carb Question

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  • mdandrews81
    May 1, 2006
      Mike, I appreciate the response. I did try to find a vacuum leak
      using the propane torch method. I think i can rule this out since
      the engine did not race whatsoever from the propane. I have read in
      the service manual that a bad coil can cause power loss like this so
      i am planning on replacing that as well in addition to the points and
      condenser. I also got a carburetor suggestion from another forum
      member which i will follow up on, however i do beleive the carb to be
      free of any blockages.


      --- In ihcubloboyseries@yahoogroups.com, Mike Sloane <mikesloane@...>
      > Your symptoms indicate a vacuum leak somewhere between the
      > and the block - a bad gasket at the carburetor, carburetor not
      tight, a
      > warped carburetor top, a bad gasket at the manifold, a warped/loose
      > manifold, or a pinhole leak in the manifold casting itself. A trick
      > I have used successfully is to start the engine and run it at idle.
      > Using an *unlit* propane torch, crack the valve open enough to get
      > flow, and wave the head all around the intake area. If there is a
      > vacuum leak, the engine will suck in the raw propane and pick up
      > Move the head of the torch slowly and very close to the parts, as
      > takes a second for the propane to be sucked into the combustion
      > chambers, and the breeze from the fan will blow it away if the head
      > too far away from the engine. You can also use spray
      > cleaner or any other flammable spray, but propane is easy, clean,
      > cheap. (We used to use WD-40, but they changed the propellant to be
      > flammable.)
      > Mike
      > mdandrews81 wrote:
      > > I recently bought a 154 lo-boy. I figured it needed a carb
      > > since the engine was not responsive to any idle adjustments. I
      > > purchased a case ih rebuild kit and float as well a new sediment
      > > screen. I rebuilt the carb and set the float to the
      specifications in
      > > the service manual. When i started it up i was pleased to see
      > > the engine responded to adjustments. The problem is that unless
      > > tractor has about half choke, it will stall when the clutch is
      let out
      > > even with throttle wide open. The problem is worst when trying to
      > > start out in third gear. I figured it wasnt getting enough fuel
      so i
      > > checked the needle and seat and lowered the float. Unfortunately
      > > problem persists. I did check that a steady stream of fuel is
      > > out of the sediment bowl. The tractor runs great but needs to be
      > > choked. I also adjusted the governor according to the service
      > > manual. Any suggestions on how i may be able to fix this problem?
      > >
      > > Thanks,
      > > Mike
      > >
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