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8575Re: [IH CUB LoBoy Series] Re: Mowing Speed

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  • Mike Sloane
    Apr 2, 2006
      If all you are after is something to do with your surplus time, energy,
      and money, I wish you well.

      As far as accomplishing something useful, I have to wonder what the
      point might be. It is my observation that my 184 does a fine job of
      mowing grass in second gear. I suppose it could go a little faster, but
      I wonder if the quality of the cut would suffer. And just suppose I
      could push my 20 hp tractor to go maybe 10% faster (that is about the
      most I could hope for without having the blades miss a lot of grass).
      Right now it takes me about 3 hours to mow the several acres of grass
      around my place and some of my neighbors. If I could increase the speed
      by 10%, that would shave 18 minutes off my time, not counting having to
      slow down in areas that are a little cluttered with bushes and trees. 18
      minutes. How much time and money would I be willing to invest to butcher
      the tractor and save 18 minutes a week? And what would I do with that 18
      minutes saved?

      I guess if I really was hurting for time in my mowing activities, I
      would rather invest the money in a modern commercial "zero turn" mower
      with hydrostatic drive and do the job properly. Or I would replace my
      old worn out turf tread tires with a set of brand new "industrial" tread
      tires - that would increase my ground speed by 10% with almost no time
      and effort.

      Again, I am not criticizing your intentions, just stating my personal
      view on the subject.


      gregbearman wrote:
      > I'm in the same situation, 3 gears just don't cut it any more.
      > I've been brainstorming and have been working on an idea. If I take a
      > small transmission from a ,say s-10, with 4 speed + od, and remove the
      > 2nd, 3rd, and reverse gears. install it inline before the trans
      > already in the tractor (similar to the creeper gear). It would create
      > an auxilliary transmission to give the effect of a creeper gear in 1st
      > gear, standard ratio in 4th gear, and slightly faster speeds in od.
      > Haven't found a transmission yet, but this will be my spring project.
      > Has anyone else ever tried this. I will post any progress, as I
      > really believe this could be the answer to a lot of peoples issues
      > with creeper gear availability, and range of mowing speeds.

      Mike Sloane
      Allamuchy NJ
      Website: <www.geocities.com/mikesloane>
      Images: <www.fotki.com/mikesloane>

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