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8573Re: Mowing Speed

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  • gregbearman
    Apr 2, 2006
      I'm in the same situation, 3 gears just don't cut it any more.
      I've been brainstorming and have been working on an idea. If I take a
      small transmission from a ,say s-10, with 4 speed + od, and remove the
      2nd, 3rd, and reverse gears. install it inline before the trans
      already in the tractor (similar to the creeper gear). It would create
      an auxilliary transmission to give the effect of a creeper gear in 1st
      gear, standard ratio in 4th gear, and slightly faster speeds in od.
      Haven't found a transmission yet, but this will be my spring project.
      Has anyone else ever tried this. I will post any progress, as I
      really believe this could be the answer to a lot of peoples issues
      with creeper gear availability, and range of mowing speeds.
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