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7762[IH CUB LoBoy Series] Re: Flail Mower

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  • rsting_2000
    Oct 3 6:32 PM
      Thanks SO much Mike, It's an International C3. Apparently, someone
      before I got it, painted it, and had some woods decals. I've never
      had a woods or a Cub before, so I hope you can understand my
      confusion. Anyway, thanks again, I KNEW there had to be some way to
      tension those belts.--- In ihcubloboyseries@yahoogroups.com, Mike
      Sloane <mikesloane@v...> wrote:
      > Unless your Woods mower is different from all other Woods L59
      mowers I
      > have ever seen, there is only one belt to run the entire mower in a
      > complex serpentine arrangement. You adjust the tension on the belt
      > the idler pulleys below the drive pulley. If, however, your mower
      is an
      > IH mower of the 3xxx series as used on 154/185/184 Cub Lo-Boy
      > then there is are two belts, and the one that drives both outer
      > is tensioned by a central spring tensioner with an idler pulley. On
      > C3) 60" mowers most often found on regular Cubs, there are three
      belts -
      > one to drive the center pulley and one each for the outboard
      > pulleys. Both outer spindles can be moved by loosening the 4
      > bolts and moving them in or out as appropriate. This may not seem
      > obvious on an older mower, but if you can get the bolts loose and
      > a little penetrating fluid and some gentle force, they will move. :-
      > I could be wrong about this, and I welcome being educated. :-)
      > Mike
      > rsting_2000 wrote:
      > > Hi Hank. I've got a 59" woods on a regular cub. Do you know if
      > > is any way to tighten the two outside belts? Mine are in pretty
      > > shape, but just too loose. Haven't been able to figure out how
      > > are supposed to be tightened up.
      > > Thanks, Russell--- In ihcubloboyseries@yahoogroups.com, Hank Greeb
      > > <hgreeb@y...> wrote:
      > > > Jon:
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