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7757Re: [IH CUB LoBoy Series] Re: Flail Mower

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  • Mike Sloane
    Oct 3, 2005
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      Unless your Woods mower is different from all other Woods L59 mowers I
      have ever seen, there is only one belt to run the entire mower in a
      complex serpentine arrangement. You adjust the tension on the belt at
      the idler pulleys below the drive pulley. If, however, your mower is an
      IH mower of the 3xxx series as used on 154/185/184 Cub Lo-Boy tractors,
      then there is are two belts, and the one that drives both outer spindles
      is tensioned by a central spring tensioner with an idler pulley. On (IH
      C3) 60" mowers most often found on regular Cubs, there are three belts -
      one to drive the center pulley and one each for the outboard spindle
      pulleys. Both outer spindles can be moved by loosening the 4 mounting
      bolts and moving them in or out as appropriate. This may not seem
      obvious on an older mower, but if you can get the bolts loose and apply
      a little penetrating fluid and some gentle force, they will move. :-)

      I could be wrong about this, and I welcome being educated. :-)


      rsting_2000 wrote:
      > Hi Hank. I've got a 59" woods on a regular cub. Do you know if there
      > is any way to tighten the two outside belts? Mine are in pretty good
      > shape, but just too loose. Haven't been able to figure out how they
      > are supposed to be tightened up.
      > Thanks, Russell--- In ihcubloboyseries@yahoogroups.com, Hank Greeb
      > <hgreeb@y...> wrote:
      > > Jon:

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