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7755Re: Flail Mower

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  • rsting_2000
    Oct 3, 2005
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      Hi Hank. I've got a 59" woods on a regular cub. Do you know if there
      is any way to tighten the two outside belts? Mine are in pretty good
      shape, but just too loose. Haven't been able to figure out how they
      are supposed to be tightened up.
      Thanks, Russell--- In ihcubloboyseries@yahoogroups.com, Hank Greeb
      <hgreeb@y...> wrote:
      > Jon:
      > I've a Woods 59" belly mower on my IH 184, and the weeds and wild
      grass you mention is very similar to some of the "wild parts" of the
      6 acres that I mow. I've mowed 12" high "mixed grass/weeds" with the
      rig running in low gear. I don't even have a creeper gear.
      Typically if I'm whacking down heavy weeds I'll raise the mower to
      its highest possible height, and rarely have had the thing bog down.
      > Try your belly mower and see how it does. A few nicks in the
      blades won't hurt anything. :)
      > Hank
      > jonrm70 wrote:
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      > Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 18:30:11 -0000
      > From: jonrm70
      > Subject: Re: Flail Mower
      > <snip>
      > OK, it looks like a flail mower is gonna be out of the question
      then. What I am looking for is something to cut about 3 acres of weed
      and wild grass with. Not very thick, but more than I want the belly
      mower to handle or can handle. IF the sicle bar will do a nice job on
      that, that would be sufficient. Does anyone on the site have one to
      sell or know where one can be? Rough cost of one?
      > Thanks -- Jon
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