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7747Re: Flail Mower

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  • ksfarmmer
    Oct 1, 2005
      I agree with Hank on this. Raise the belly mower to full height and
      if necessary just take one half or one third of a swath. It will
      take a while, but you may have to do the same with a flail mower as
      well. Another option is to have a neighbor with a full size tractor
      cut it first and then you should be able to keep it short after
      that. I don't think your 184 is going to do well in tall grass with
      any type of mower except as I suggested above.
      > Jon:
      > I've a Woods 59" belly mower on my IH 184, and the weeds and wild
      grass you mention is very similar to some of the "wild parts" of the
      6 acres that I mow. I've mowed 12" high "mixed grass/weeds" with
      the rig running in low gear. I don't even have a creeper gear.
      Typically if I'm whacking down heavy weeds I'll raise the mower to
      its highest possible height, and rarely have had the thing bog
      > Try your belly mower and see how it does. A few nicks in the
      blades won't hurt anything. :)
      > Hank
      > jonrm70 wrote:
      > > OK, it looks like a flail mower is gonna be out of the question
      then. What I am looking for is something to cut about 3 acres of
      weed and wild grass with. Not very thick, but more than I want the
      belly mower to handle or can handle. IF the sicle bar will do a nice
      job on that, that would be sufficient. Does anyone on the site have
      one to sell or know where one can be? Rough cost of one?
      > Thanks -- Jon
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