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18198Re: [IH CUB LoBoy Numbered Series] RE: cub lo boy 184

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  • Kent Morris
    Oct 7, 2013
    I don't have any experience with the McKee, but I do with the No. 50. Picture attached. I found it to be too big and too heavy (500lbs). It was all I could do to throw a few inches of dry snow. Haven't used it since. I can move more snow and do a better job with my Cub Cadet 782 with a 42" thrower.

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    Two snowblowers were available for the International 184.  Both were front mounted and driven from the rear PTO using a driveshaft that ran underneath the length of the tractor.  A creeper, wheel spacers, and chains are required for it to be useful.

    1)  Model 50 Single Stage Snowthrower
    2)  McKee Snolander Dual Stage Snowblower.
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    thanks for the reply . I'am sure your right.  I'll keep looking for a front mount disigned for the 184.. Sam

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    The only I-H brand of snow blower / thrower that I can find mentioned on the internet which has the numerals 184 in its model designation is a 84" (7 feet wide) rear mounted unit.  I doubt the 184 tractor could handle this beast -- the snow blower / throwers for the 184 and its predecessors were only 60" (5 feet) wide which coincided with the maximum rear turf tire outer sidewall spacing.

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    will a Int 184 snow blower fit onto a 184 cub lo boy?

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