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18185Re: [IH CUB LoBoy Numbered Series] RE: Batt won't charge

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  • Tim Stone
    Sep 29, 2013
      Ok on a generator you can test it in a no load and load setup at your local parts shop. But usually if your output is 11 volts it indicates either the generator or regulator is bad. Regulators tend to fail fully on or fully off. Now if you have a bad ground it will mimic your problem too. You can easily prove or disprove it by taking a jumper cable from the battery negative post to the generator case. Also the generator has brushes inside which could be worn out. Does it crank slow with a fully charged battery? And last but not least is a high resistance short somewhere. Most of the time winding in the generator but can be almost anywhere imaginable. 

      The key to all of this is troubleshoot one piece at a time not shotgun replace. Put things back after you eliminate them. 

      I would dismount the generator take it in and have it tested for a starting point. Just make sure the person testing it knows the difference in testing a generator vs an alternator. And then work your way back from there. 

      Let us know the results..

      Tim S...

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      On Sep 29, 2013, at 11:18 AM, jpw19798 <jpw19798@...> wrote:


      Check your voltage regulator.

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      tjporters16433@... wrote:
       Where should I check my voltage?  Ive checked right on the starter gen and I only have 11 volts.  But I don't know much about starter gen  Does that indicate the starter is bad.  And the Battery is brand new.  Replaced that to solve that problem.  Any thoughts

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      Make sure too that the voltage regulator you swapped the old one with is the correct one. When I was troubleshooting my charging problem, I changed my regulator out with a new one because my meter showed it wasn't charging. The new one did not work. After much grief, I opened up the old one and filed all the relay contacts and it is still working to this day.

      --- In ihcubloboyseries@yahoogroups.com, Jeffrey G Rymer <j.rymer@...> wrote:
      > If your battery is OK then I suspect you may have a 'short'. Consider this, with a fully charged battery in good condition, it should be capable of running your tractor for at least 4-5 hours and still have a light charge remaining.
      > Try checking the charge with a 'volt meter' while your tractor is running @ 1/2 throttle, it should read 13+ volts.
      > If this checks out, then make sure everything is 'off', disconnect one  of the battery leads and check if there is a 'spark' indicating a current draw (short).
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      > Sent: Sunday, September 15, 2013 11:11 AM
      > Subject: [IH CUB LoBoy Numbered Series] Batt won't charge
      > I charge my batt all the way up before mowwing.  While mowwing the batt won't charge on top of that the system drains the batt down to nothing.  I believe my starter Gen is fine and I've switched voltage reg.  Any Ideas?

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