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17393Re: [IH CUB LoBoy Numbered Series] New Pump recommendaton for Johnson Workhorse loader

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  • kevin mahraun
    Jun 1, 2012
      I have the 1050a on my 184.  I thought  I read somewhere, but can't find it now, that the rear pump was 6gpm.   They say the bucket will lift 550 lbs to full height.  I also saw 750lbs somewhere.   I know I've had more than 550 lbs in mine, but not at full lift.  I imagine they keep these on the lower side so you don't overload the front axle.  That would seem to be the week point, or the steering when you have a full load.  The frame seems fine for the weight, but with this short wheelbase - don't want guys driving around with 1000 lbs at full height and tipping.
      mine self purges, not sure about a Johnson.   have you tried to lift a know weight - cinderblocks etc - to see what it is capable of?  seals on the pump may need replaced.  if it's a 30 yr old pump, might be easier to replace it if the parts are not made anymore.
      From: lou747jeeps <Lhill@...>
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      Subject: [IH CUB LoBoy Numbered Series] New Pump recommendaton for Johnson Workhorse loader

      I just bought a new Johnson loader for one of my Cub Lo-Boy 154s. I am thinking about replacing the rear hydarulic pump which works off the rear PTO. Does anybody have any recommendations? It is a SAE AA size mount. I was wondering how many gpm pump I should buy? Can I overload the system with too large of a pump. I was thinking of getting a 6 gpm pump. The original pump may not be working because the loader really lacks lifting power. It has a new control valve, so that should not be the problem. If I have air in the system, will that cause a severe lack of lifting power? If so, how do I release the air? Just keep operating the system until all the air is purged?

      Thanks for any suggestions you may have.


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