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16767[IH CUB LoBoy Numbered Series] Re: I need some advice on a 154 power loss, I searched some earlier post but Im lost

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  • njdale2000
    Jun 1, 2011
      > With that being said, I made ¼ round my yard and broke both PTO belts on my 154. The PTO pulley came loose and moved back. My question is how do I get the new belts around the main engine pulleys?

      Generally speaking, you are going to utter MANY $%&*#@&%% before you get through. You must remove the drive shaft between the engine and the clutch. Some people say that it come out without too much trouble. Others say that the only way that it comes out is to remove the bolts at the four corners of the engine and pry the engine ahead about 1/2" - They say that the gas line is the only thing that needs to be disconnected.

      The belts MUST be purchased as a MATCHED set, and from Case/IH that is the way that they come. Even though they are probably much more expensive from Case/IH, due to the work involved, personally I would not skimp on other brand belts.

      Hope that this helps, NJDale
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