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14740Re: [IH CUB LoBoy Series] Still Need Help with 185

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  • Mike Sloane
    May 3, 2009
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      The pressure rises and falls as the engine performs its normal 4 stroke
      operation, as the valves open and close. On all compression testers I
      have ever used, the needle on the dial stays at the highest reading,
      until it is released.

      On the other hand, a reading of 30 psi on any one cylinder would
      indicate either broken rings or something wrong with the valves (burned,
      broken, sticking, out of adjustment, bad cam, etc.). The usual test
      after the first one is to dump a couple of ounces into the cylinder and
      repeat the test. If the compression reading rises noticeably after the
      second test, that usually indicates a problem with the rings. If the
      compression doesn't go up, that is usually a problem with the valves.


      Kristi Nelson wrote:
      > Thank you for all the suggestions. Here is another symptom we have
      > uncovered. When checking compression, it bounces to 30 and back to zero.
      > It will not hold any compression. The tractor never has used oil or
      > smoked. We know that could be caused by a couple problems, blown head
      > gasket, rings, etc. Any suggestions?
      > Kristi
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