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14736Re: [IH CUB LoBoy Series] Still Need Help with 185

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  • David Rust
    May 2, 2009
      Kristi, we had a cub onetime we had the head off of, it wouldn't start after we put it back, didn't matter what we tried.
      So we put a rope around the front axle, put it in second or third gear and pulled it until it did start.  As I recall it took a while, but it started and ran thereafter.  We never did know what that was about, but you might try pulling it.  If you are like me, you will only mess with something so long, then its time to regroup and try something "desperate".  Just get it rolling and let the clutch out, don't get too fast, just enough to make it turn over like a normal engine speed.  See what that does.
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