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  • tractorboy776c
    Sep 4, 2007
      Thanks guys. The spark test revealed no spark so will replace points
      etc first. Hopefully that will do it.


      --- In ihcubloboyseries@yahoogroups.com, David Roberge <dwr@...>
      > Try checking the needle and seat assembly of the fuel float. These
      carbs are known to jam up the needle and seat. I had to ass an
      inline fuel filter to solve my fuel parblem.
      > If you think its electrical, you can check for spark by removing
      a plug wire and crank it over I suggest doing this on the distributer
      side of the tractor. If gas fumes are leaking from the carb they can
      flash if given the opportunity in a closed environment.
      > Dave in Ct
      > tractorboy776c <tractorboy776c@...> wrote:
      > My 184 decided not to start today. It turns over no problem (new
      > battery and leads) but fails to fire. I've checked the plugs and
      > distributor and these look OK but have yet to do a spark test.
      > My main reason for this post is that last week I cured an engine
      > surging problem by replacing the carb gaskets. Since then it has
      > like a dream. It ran great this afternoon but when I tried to start
      > this evening it wouldn't fire.
      > I checked the carb gain and when I pulled the air hose from the
      > found fuel around the choke plate area. There was also some fuel on
      > the outside of the main (lower)gasket. I guessed this might be due
      > a fuel build-up from not firing. Is this correct/normal?
      > Anyway I disassembled the carb, blew the jets again and
      > careful not to overtighten the two halves.
      > Still no firing and the same symptoms as in the last paragraph. So
      > the carb a red herring in this instance (I thought the fuel build-
      > might be due to a blockage) and should I focus on the
      > points/distributor instead (or anything else)?
      > Your thoughts much appreciated.
      > Many thanks
      > Richard
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