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11539starting problem

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  • tractorboy776c
    Sep 1 7:08 PM
      My 184 decided not to start today. It turns over no problem (new
      battery and leads) but fails to fire. I've checked the plugs and
      distributor and these look OK but have yet to do a spark test.

      My main reason for this post is that last week I cured an engine
      surging problem by replacing the carb gaskets. Since then it has run
      like a dream. It ran great this afternoon but when I tried to start
      this evening it wouldn't fire.

      I checked the carb gain and when I pulled the air hose from the carb
      found fuel around the choke plate area. There was also some fuel on
      the outside of the main (lower)gasket. I guessed this might be due to
      a fuel build-up from not firing. Is this correct/normal?
      Anyway I disassembled the carb, blew the jets again and reassembled,
      careful not to overtighten the two halves.

      Still no firing and the same symptoms as in the last paragraph. So is
      the carb a red herring in this instance (I thought the fuel build-up
      might be due to a blockage) and should I focus on the
      points/distributor instead (or anything else)?

      Your thoughts much appreciated.

      Many thanks

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