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10928[IH CUB LoBoy Series] Re: Problem with my 154

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  • Donna
    May 1, 2007
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      I am in Madison Indiana. South Eastern Indiana to give you a general
      I would do what Larry said but I can't get past the first step because
      the poor thing won't even fire. When I say won't fire there is no
      sound of it even trying to fire up. Like the plugs aren't even being
      hit or something. The fan turns but that's it.
      The drive shaft will not turn freely at all. Even with a wrench it is
      very hard to move. When we did turn it and try to start it the sound
      of it trying to start was different every time we turned the shaft. I
      don't know if that tells you anything but maybe a clue to what is
      really wrong. The shaft has been welded multiple times too ;o(

      Any body needing some parts from this thing. I think it is done for
      sadly :o(

      Thanks for any help you can give.
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