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  • Ed <knottyer@bigfoot.com>
    Hi All, For those near Baltimore, Maryland, USA... Kevin Zembower is holding a workshop on tall ship rigging. Over the next few months every other Saturday
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 8, 2003
      Hi All,

      For those near Baltimore, Maryland, USA...

      Kevin Zembower is holding a workshop on tall ship rigging. Over the
      next few months every other Saturday you can volunteer time to
      restoring some of the USS Constellation's Rigging. No experience is
      necessary. We / you will learn and work as we go.

      I and 3 other Mid-Atlantic members (Tim, Mike, & Dan) met him today,
      along with two other interested volunteers. We made a start at
      organizing materials for the starboard side shroud rigging. Under
      Kevin's direction we went over a pro-eye-splice & constrictor knots.
      Talked about how we will proceed with rigging, and then measured out
      & cut lines for 5 ratlines. Then we toured some of the lower ship's
      spaces -- not yet open to the public.

      Here is Kevin's announcement... (contact him if you're interested...)


      Thank you for your interest in the Traditional Rigging Workshop on USS
      Constellation. Despite today's snow in Baltimore, I checked with the
      ship's crew, and they're looking forward to meeting us tomorrow,
      Saturday, Feb. 8th, at 8:30. I'll probably be leaving at noon on
      Saturday, but if you want to stay on and tour the ship, you're
      welcome to.

      If you're not from the Baltimore area, the best source of maps and
      directions I know is www.mapquest.com. Put in the address "301 W.
      Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD" and you'll get a map, and can also
      produce driving directions. The ship doesn't open to the public until
      10:00, so the building and ship will seem closed. When you arrive,
      walk around behind the building, between the building and the ship
      and "speak the ship."

      What to wear: Dress warmly. The ship is heated below deck, where
      the rigging bench is, but only to about 60 degrees. The work we
      actually want to accomplish is outdoors on the spar deck. It probably
      won't matter much this week, but if we're standing on rope, like
      ratlines or footropes, for a long time, shoes with stiff soles are
      more comfortable.

      What to bring: Not necessary, but if you have some rigging tools,
      such as fids, marlinspikes or knives, bring them. The ship has some,
      and I'll be bringing some of mine, but part of the fun is checking
      out the tools other have made or bought. If possible, mark your tools
      so that they don't get mixed up with the ship's. Again, it probably
      won't be necessary this week, but as we get higher into the rigging,
      if you have a rock- or tree-climbing harness, you might want to bring

      Where to park: There's a parking garage past (further east)
      Constellation on Pratt Street, at the intersection with President's,
      on the right. Also,if you pass (Pratt street is one-way east) the
      ship and turn left on President, then left again at the first street
      (Lombard), there's another garage on the right, just under the high
      pedestrian bridge. If you turn right on President's Street from Pratt
      Street, you might be able to find some on-street parking. If you park
      in a garage or on the street, make sure that nothing, not even
      worthless things, can be seen inside your car, or you'll probably
      come back to a broken car window.

      Homework assignment: If you want to, you can read up on three-strand
      eyesplices and seizing.

      The ship's restoration crew is very grateful that we're interested and
      able to help them authentically restore part of the ship. I talked
      with them about arranging some field trips, since Constellation
      doesn't sail. The crew chief mentioned the semiannual turn-
      around "sail" where, instead of going for a sail, we can go for
      a "tug." We'll also try to arrange some visits to Pride of Baltimore
      II and other tall ships when they visit Baltimore. There's also the
      possibility of actually sailing on Minnie V. or Lady Maryland,
      skipjacks run by the Living Classrooms Foundation, which
      also runs Constellation. I just learned that Constellation also has a
      booth at the DC Cherry Blossom Festival, along with Kalmar Nyckel, in
      March which they'd like to have help staffing with knowledgable
      volunteers. The possibilities are endless.

      I hope to see you tomorrow. If you're not able to make it tomorrow,
      we'll be doing it again in two weeks, on Feb. 22nd.

      -Kevin Zembower

    • Ed <knottyer@bigfoot.com>
      OBTW -- we had a blast!
      Message 2 of 2 , Feb 8, 2003
        OBTW -- we had a blast!
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