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Four encounters of Jerusalem WIE - from Christmas to Shavuot

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  • Yehuda Stolov
    To all our Eastern Christian friends we wish: Happy Easter! WIE monthly meetings:  from Christmas to Shavuot   25/12/12 We met on Chrismas Day at the Pushka
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      WIE monthly meetings: from Christmas to Shavuot


      To all our Eastern Christian friends we wish:

      Happy Easter!


      WIE monthly meetings:  from Christmas to Shavuot



      We met on Chrismas Day at the Pushka Pizza Coffee Shop.  The topic was... Christmas, of course. We talked about the customs, the traditions, the songs, the special Christmas Carols, the cakes, the lights, the Christmas tree and decorations. We talked also about the Jewish Holyday of Hannuka, also at about the same time. 

      Wonderful to talk about our holydays around a cup of coffee and other refreshments.




      We met this time at the Mamilla Aroma Coffee-shop, our topic was the Jewish Holyday of Purim, the book of Esther, relating the historical background, its carnival and costumes, food and drinks. 

      Then we talked about serious, moving life experiences like becoming a grand mother... as Saheer, our Muslim Coordinator just became a grand mother of a beautiful grand son. 




      Meeting at the Mamilla Aroma Coffee-shop, we talked about Pessah the Jewish Holiday of Passover, and Easter, the Christian Holiday coming close to each other.




      Meeting again at the Mamilla Aroma Coffee-shop, the topic was pilgrimage, pilgrimage to the Holy City of Jerusalem.  The Jerusalem Municipality had a seminar about this topic at this time. It is also connected to the coming Jewish Holyday of Shavuot, where Jews from all over the area traditionally are coming to Jerusalem  as well as for the other two  Holydays of Pessah and Succot, as mentioned in the Scriptures "Alya Leregel"- "walking up to Jerusalem".



      Best regards,

      Saheer and Evelyne




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