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Remarkable success for the interfaith seminar on "The Humanity of the Other", 3-5 October 2002

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  • Yehuda Stolov
    The Humanity of the Other ************************* For the first time in two years, an Israeli organzation - the Interfaith Encounter Association - and a
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2002
      "The Humanity of the Other"

      For the first time in two years, an Israeli organzation - the
      Interfaith Encounter Association - and a Palestinian orgnization - the
      Nablus Youth Federation - organized in the Holy Land a joint conference
      that was open to the wide public. The conference took place at Tantur
      Center in Jerusalem and was funded by the European Commission.We were men
      and women, secular and religious, Jews, Christians, Muslims and even one
      visiting Native American, from across Israel and the PNA.

      For many of us, in both groups, it was the first time to meet 'the other'
      and the doubts where there whether there is the will in the other side to
      really meet. It was clear from the start that we do not have the
      responsibility here to solve the Israeli-palestinian conflict, but we do
      indeed have the responsibility to develop human peace among us, the group
      of the conference paticipants, and that in order for that to happen,
      especially when the range of political views was wide in both groups, we
      have to concentrate on the religious perspective of our discussions.
      And we started on that track right away. After a short personal
      introduction in the plenary, participants set in small mixed groups for an
      informal exchange, over tea and coffee, about their relations to their
      religious traditions and other issues, followed by joint listening to
      During the conference we heard a Rabbi from west-Jerusalem, a Christian
      scholar from the Old City and an Imam from East jerusalem. All three
      portrayed their respective religious views about the humanity of members
      of other faiths, especially the Abrahamic faiths, and the need to manifest
      that humanity in our relations with 'the other'. It was interesting that
      both the Rabbi and the Imam mentioned the story of Kain and Ebel as the
      example for the wrong way to deal with differences and stressed the need
      to overcome the tendency to follow that way, and develop an alternative
      conversational way. After each of the presentations, we split into
      discussion groups of 12 and shared with each other our reflections about
      the presentation and other issues deriving.
      Especially moving were the Muslim Jumaa prayer of Friday and the Jewish
      prayer for the beginning of Shabbat - to both all other participants were
      invited and many accepted. Muslims, Jews and Christians set together
      witnesing, learning and respecting each other's prayers. Eqauly
      special was the session on Friday night in which all participants shared
      and taught each other songs from the different traditions.
      We felt so well about our micro-cosmos of human peace that we built in our
      group when the news came about clashes in Nablus itself. We then realized
      even more the importance of what we are doing together, as these 'news'
      were repeating what we constantly hear for the past two years, while what
      we started to build together is the really new alternative. After the
      participants from Nablus made sure their families were not heart, we
      continued to conclude the conference. Nearly all participants, from both
      groups, expressed their excitement about the process we went through, the
      transformation it brought to us and the need to take it further to more
      people and more depth. During the concluding session we received a phone
      call from the Mayor of Nablus, congretulating us for the conference and
      its success, encouraging all of us with special emphasis on the
      Palestinian participants to continue in this way and stressing that what
      we do together is the paradigm of what needs to happen - that the Israeli
      and Palestinian PEOPLE will join forces to build together human peace that
      will replace the visious circle of violence that the leaderships do not
      succeed to stop.

      As a collective we concluded that we are committed to continue the process
      and wish to meet again as soon as possible, with the aim to have our next
      joint conference in the comming January. We then fairwelled with warm
      hand-shakes and with huggs.

      (* This document has been produced with the financial assisttance of the
      European Community. The views expressed herein are those of The Interfaith
      Encounter Association and can therefore in no way be taken to reflect the
      official opinion of the European commission.)

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