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Two encounters of Jerusalem Women's Interfaith Encounter - in December and January

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  • Yehuda Stolov
    December 8th 2009 - Hannuka, Christmas and Id ElAdha Our monthly meeting took place at the Swedish Theological Institute December 8th 2009. Our topic was the
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      December 8th 2009 - Hannuka, Christmas and Id ElAdha

      December 8th 2009 - Hannuka, Christmas and Id ElAdha


      Our monthly meeting took place at the Swedish Theological Institute December 8th 2009 . Our topic was the season's holidays in our three monotheistic faiths, Hannuka (Judaism), Christmas (Christianity) and Id El Adha (Islam).  


      In a friendly atmosphere we talked about our traditions, explained the different customs, songs and stories attached to the celebrations.  We were fortunate to have with us Reverend Christopher Ablom from the Philippines talking about the fascinating Christmas traditions in Manilla and other places in this Asian country.  Father Ablom was visiting Israel in the framework of a study tour. 


      Tasting the holidays' special delicacies, Hannuka's potato pancakes and doughnuts (Sufganiot) and special Id El Adha cookies was part of this uplifting gathering.





      January 5th 2010 - Jerusalem Cinematheque


      Our WIE monthly meeting took place at the Jerusalem Cinematheque on the 5th of January 5th, 2010 . We were fortunate to be the guests of Ms. Gili Mendel, Director of the Film Education Department.  Ms. Mendel, initiator and director of the "I am You are -  Films & Identity" Project, hosted us very kindly for viewing a selected choice of short documentaries on identity  issues produced by Palestinian and Israeli youth from Jerusalem during a month seminar.

      The films focused on women's issues, among others:


      "An early wedding", dealing with Arab women's tradition of getting married at a very young age;


      "I am You are": children of a mixed Muslim-Jewish couple learning to cope with their identity;


      "Teenage Love": love feelings awakening in youngsters of different communities;


      "Being Black": problems facing African Muslims living in East Jerusalem ;


      "Tahari":  going through the life of children whose parents were killed in a terror attack.


      While working together during four weeks in film production under the guidance of both Arab and Jewish Israeli media instructors, the participants have to learn to listen, to be patient, to talk to each other, to be tolerant, considerate, and listen to the Arabic and Hebrew  languages.


      The experience of seeing these authentic, genuine films was moving beyond words.

      These films have been screened in Israel and abroad, arising interest in learning to live together in areas where there are conflicts, political, cultural and religious gaps.

      The project "I am You are - Films and Identity" has won the Marthe Prize for Tolerance and Democratic Values in Jerusalem in October 2006


      Our profound thanks go to Ms. Gili Mendel for this fascinating and very moving evening!


      The next encounter of the group will take place on March 9th.


      Saheer Siam and Evelyne Savir



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