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REMINDER, CLARIFICATION & UPDATE: Announcing IEA U.S. trip - March 7-18

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  • Yehuda Stolov
    Dear friends, I would like to first make an important clarification. In the first announcement of this fundraising trip we used an unfortunate metaphor that
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      Announcing the annual U

      Dear friends,


      I would like to first make an important clarification. In the first announcement of this fundraising trip we used an unfortunate metaphor that misled people to be deeply concerned about existing IEA's work, while we what we meant was the danger for further growth and development.

      IEA is a popular movement for sustainable transformation of inter-communal relations in the Holy Land . Most of the 18 on-going groups-communities that we formed until now, with thousands of participants, are already in the sustainable stage (many working continuously for years – two of them for already five years and three more for four years) and will continue to organize encounters and send our their stories in any case.

      But for a popular movement this is not enough. To transform the whole society we need to constantly grow and develop and in order to ensure that is the reason we are coming to the US . Right now we have seven new groups in different stages of formation – some of them of very innovative type. In order for that, and much more, to happen we need more and more partners to join us and we hope that many of the people of Chicago , Baltimore , Washington and New York will do so. Yes – the fact that you live far away from the Holy Land does not mean you can not make a difference. Because you can – join us and be part of our journey to a society of respect and friendship between the communities of the Holy Land .







      Announcing the annual U.S. trip for the director of the Interfaith Encounter Association of Jerusalem.


      Dr. Yehuda Stolov and his Muslim co-facilitator, Saheer Siam, will be making their annual visit to the US from March 7-March 18.

      They will be in
      Chicago, Baltimore, and New York on the dates below. If you would like to know more about their ongoing work, you are invited to come hear their compelling stories and meet Yehuda and Saheer. If you feel called to donate, all donations large and small are most appreciated and can be done via paypal on this website at www.interfaith-encounter.org. Yehuda will also be seeking out private donors to try to further develop the organization.





      March 8 - Lutheran Theological School Hyde Park, IL   7PM

      March 11 - Lake Street Church  Fund-Raising Event  4-5:30PM

      Please contact Halim at hermes4halim@... for info and details.




      March 12 - Goucher College  2:00PM


      Interfaith Dialogue and Connections - One Pathway to Peace - Turning Enemies to Peace Partners in the Middle East and Worldwide


      Meet two of the facilitators of the Interfaith Encounter Association, an international organization based in Israel, who are coming to the Baltimore/DC area to speak about their work bringing children and adults from Christian, Muslim, Druze, Bedouin, and Jewish secular and religious backgrounds together for interfaith dialogue and relationships.  Dr. Yehuda Stolov, director, and Saheer Siam, principal and educator of an Arab Muslim Elementary School.


      Join us for interfaith dialogue with local religious leaders from all faiths, a Middle Eastern Style Dinner, and a concert by world famous artists from the Middle East, joining Arab and Jewish music together as another pathway to peace.



      Activities will be held at Goucher College on Monday, March 12, beginning at 2 pm, with dinner (Kosher/Hallal) at  6:00 pm with an informal discussion, and a music concert at 8pm.


      We hoping to create a coalition of interfaith groups in the DC/Baltimore Area who would like to engage in ongoing activities and discussion on interfaith healing and understanding.  We will learn about this process used by IEA from its leaders, who have been engaged successfully, even during times of war and terrorism, in this peacemaking work. 


      Join us for this exciting program. RSVP a must. Donations of $100 or more will be honored and one may come to the entire program and receive materials to continue this work. All donations will go to IEA to help support its activities and to provide scholarships for attendees to come t other programs.  Individual prices for participation in the events.


      Call or email for details and RSVP: Shoshana Shamberg at 410-358-7269 or better to email shoshamberg@....  



      March 12-15 


      Yehuda and Saheer will be at the ALLMEP conference in Washington DC.



      NEW YORK

      March 16-18

      Yehuda and Saheer will be in New York visiting private donors. If you wish to see them or have them speak at your organization Saturday evening or Sunday morning, please contact Shams directly at prinzivalli@...


      Please feel free to pass this info along to anyone who might be interested.

      And may peace prevail soon and in our time.

      Shams Prinzivalli, Ph.D.


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