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Holiday greetings & Jerusalem WIE, June-September 2005

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  • Yehuda Stolov
    Dear friends, I would like to convey the warm greetings of the Interfaith Encounter Association: KTIVA VAKHATIMA TOVA to all our Jewish friends, and RAMADAN
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      Dear Interfaith Friends,

      Dear friends,


      I would like to convey the warm greetings of the Interfaith Encounter Association:

      KTIVA VAKHATIMA TOVA to all our Jewish friends,  and

      RAMADAN KARIM to all our Muslim friends.


      Below you will find the report from the summer activities of IEA's Jerusalem WIE group.


      Yours, Yehuda




      Dear Interfaith Friends,

      Summer activities of the Women's Interfaith Encounter included:

      Elana Rozenman and Ibtisam Mahamid shared the work of  the Women's
      Interfaith Encounter and the IEA in
      India in June.  They attended a Women's
      Conference in Bangalore , at the Art of Living Center of Sri Sri Ravi Shakar,
      where they were invited to speak about PEACE X PEACE projects and their
      Women's Interfaith Encounter work together.  Besides 2000 Indian women, also
      attending were international women -- from Iraq , Pakistan , Oman , Austria,
      Germany , Croatia , Dubai , Turkey .  The Indian women and many others had never
      met a Jew, an Israeli or a Palestinian and were amazed to see a Muslim and a
      Jew working together in Israel .  Many women were inspired to form groups of
      women in their own locations.  Elana held a meeting to discuss the work of
      the IEA with URI CC's in Delhi  hosted by Dr. Mohinder Singh and heard about
      their work.  Ibtisam and Elana met women from the URI CC in Bangalore with
      Dr. Mumtaz Khan and heard about the work of their  Interfaith Center  and
      shared about the work of IEA.  Elana was welcomed as the first Jew to visit
      the Center.   Again there was much comment about how amazed they were to see
      a Palestinian and an Israeli working together -- how they have a totally
      different impression from the media and how encouraged they were to see this

      During August each of the three faiths held meetings of their own to
      strengthen their participation as a faith in our interfaith dialogue.  The
      September meeting was dedicated to renewing ourselves as a group for the New
      Year and opened with prayers by Rose, Wendy, and Nadia and welcoming new
      Arab Christian and Muslim women.  One of the Muslim women said that she had
      come not knowing what to expect, and after fifteen minutes was amazed to see
      so much warmth and openness -- we joked that she should wait until difficult
      issues come up!

      We enabled each woman to speak in her native language and provided
      translation.  We also welcomed Evelyne as our new Jewish coordinator.  After
      a circle of greetings, we did an Appreciative Inquiry exercise in pairs
      where the women did not know each other well.  Each woman shared some
      experience in her life that she is proud of, while the other one listened
      attentively.  Then Fachira led an Appreciative Inquiry with everyone
      sharing something about how their religious practice affects their daily
      life.  We read our Mission Statement in English and Hebrew and are
      translating it into Arabic so that we can finalize it at our next meeting.
      We planned a Succot gathering in Elana's Succah and an Iftar during Ramadan
      at our new member A'adia Abuatta. Evelyne is arranging a tour of an exhibit
      on Berber women at the Islamic Museum.   Everyone appreciated this evening's
      opportunity to deepen our relationships together and we all laughed and
      blessed each other in our final group hug.

      Coordinators:  Evelyne Savir, Nadia Totangi Nuseibeh, Rose Naber, Elana



      The Interfaith Encounter Association

      P.O.Box  3814 , Jerusalem 91037 , Israel

      Phone: +972-2-6510520

      Fax:     +972-2-6510557

      Website: www.interfaith-encounter.org



        Mr. Shlomo Alon, Chair

        Sr. Karmela Farrugia, Vice-Chair

        Sheikh Muhammad Kiwan, Vice-Chair

        Sheikh Ali Birani

        Rabbi Dov Maimon

        Deacon Eng. Jirias Mansour

        Sheikh Tawfiq Salama


      Dr. Yehuda Stolov, Director

      E-mail: yehuda@...



      All contributions are welcome, small and large!


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