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2 REPORTS: IEA Report on Documentary screening and WIE April meetings

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  • Yehuda Stolov
    Dear Interfaith Friends, 1. IEA sponsored premiere screening of the Documentary film PEACE X PEACE: Women on the Frontlines . We had an very successful
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2004
      Dear Interfaith Friends,

      1. IEA sponsored premiere screening of the Documentary film "PEACE X
      PEACE: Women on the Frontlines".

      We had an very successful screening at the Jerusalem Cinemateque on
      April 13. Lia Van Leer introduced the film to a packed and enthusiastic
      audience. The film showed women in Burundi, Kosovo, Argentina, and Kabul
      doing powerful and significant work to build peace in their troubled
      situations. One of the featured women in the film, Susan Collin Marks, of
      Search for Common Ground, was in attendance. Yehuda Stolov, the Director of
      the IEA, gave a brief welcome. Patricia Smith Melton, the Director or the
      film and founder of PEACE X PEACE (website: www.peacexpeace.org), answered
      questions about the film and the role of women in building peace in the
      world. The film will be screened in the U.S. on PBS on Friday, June 11 at
      10 p.m EST, following the Bill Moyers NOW show.

      2. Women's Interfaith Encounter April meetings.

      Jerusalem WIE, April 14: Patricia Smith, Founder of PEACE X PEACE,
      conducted many meetings presenting her Global Network -- an internet system
      connecting women's groups here with women's groups in the U.S. At the
      Jerusalem WIE meeting she showed her short video -- "Circles of Peace"
      showing how women in Kabul and Burundi are already connected to circles of
      women in the U.S. She offered to connect the Women's Interfaith group with
      a group of interfaith women in the U.S. who could support and expand our
      activities. Suheir mentioned that she was very upset because on the way to
      the meeting, her neighbor had complained to her that her son had been
      arrested and jailed without being charged and the lawyers had been able to
      get him released. Some women suggested possible agencies to help them. We
      offered prayers from the three religions for the release of captives. We
      were all treated to a display of the Healing Quilt made by a group of
      Israeli, Palestinian, and International women and consisting of 72
      interlocking pieces in a beautiful, moving and colorful design. The beauty
      and richness and excitement of all the pieces in such a harmonious pattern
      is a symbol and a comfort to us in our struggles. Patricia offered to
      connect the Healing Quilt women with a group of women quilters in the U.S.
      who could help get our quilt shown and out into the world.

      Northern WIE, April 15: In the meeting at the home of Siham Halabi,
      our Druze coordinator, in Daliat HaCarmel, she was treated to Druze cuisine,
      danced the debka, and enjoyed the warmth and hospitality of the Druze women
      and Ibtisam Mahameed, our Northern coordinator. She offered to connect all
      of our various groups in the North with appropriate and relevant women's
      groups in the U.S. to further our work. The Druze women are studying
      English and were attracted to the possibility to practice with American
      women. Elana Rozenman will be the coordinator for the Peace X Peace Global
      Network to facilitate the connection of Israeli womens groups with U.S.
      groups. We look forward to a productive collaboration between the two

      So in the midst of all the difficulties we are all experiencing, we
      persevere to find ways to build peace, tolerance, and understanding among
      ourselves -- and to support others who share our goals.


      Elana Rozenman
      Women's Interfaith Encounter
      Interfaith Encounter Association

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      Sheikh Muhammad Kiwan, Vice-Chair
      Mr. Shlomo Alon, Vice-chair
      Sheikh Ali Birani
      Rabbi Dov Maimon
      Ms. Ibtisam Mahamid
      Deacon Eng. Jirias Mansour
      Sheikh Tawfiq Salama

      Dr. Yehuda Stolov, Director
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