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REPORT: Women's Interfaith Encounter activities in October

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  • Yehuda Stolov
    Dear Interfaith Friends, On October 9, a special workshop in Interfaith Conflict Resolution was hosted by Ibtisam in Fureidis, and taught by Dr. Mohammed
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2003
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      Dear Interfaith Friends,

      On October 9, a special workshop in Interfaith Conflict Resolution was
      hosted by Ibtisam in Fureidis, and taught by Dr. Mohammed Abunimer, visiting
      from the American University in Washington, D.C., and volunteering his time
      to strengthen and assist us -- since we have been working together for a
      year with no training. Having grown up in the nearby village of Mara'ar,
      he was able to apply his knowledge to our situation and give us practical
      help and perspective. He signed IEA certificates of training that were
      given to everyone. A Jewish woman who had been very despairing of our work
      when she came, acknowledged how much she had been inspired by the workshop.
      Druze women said these tools enabled them for the first time to understand
      and conceptualize our work better. A Christian woman said we were able to
      discuss the issues that we're stuck in and clarify our process. Everyone
      wished that we could spend more time and go deeper into the issues that had
      been raised and clarified. We are very grateful to have a teacher of Dr.
      Abunimer's status and ability offering us assistance and we're hoping that
      he will be able to return for more extensive work with us soon.

      On October 12, Muslim, Christian, and Jewish women gathered in Elana's
      succah to celebrate together with food and companionship the Jewish Holiday
      of Succot. Nadia brought her young sons who played with Elana's dog and
      played on Elana son's Noam guitar. Evelyne brought her husband. We
      explained the meaning of the lulav and etrog -- four species representing
      four kinds of people which are bundled together for prayer and blessing and
      showed how it is shaken in all directions to cover all of the world. We
      discussed the ushpizzim -- the special guest that joins us in the Succah
      each night -- Avraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Joseph, and David. We
      discussed the spiritual aspect of leaving the stability and security of our
      house to sit in a flimsy, temporary dwelling where we are aware of our
      reliance on God.

      The results of our Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Regional meeting in
      Jordan continue to bear fruit. Moriyah is moving forward with the
      Jordanians for plans for an Interfaith Music Concert in Jordan with
      musicians from various countries in the region. The MENA Women's Interfaith
      Encounter is submitting their application to be a Cooperation Circle of the
      URI (United Religions Initiative) and is working on plans for the March
      interfaith conference at the Dead Sea in Jordan entitled "How Women Create
      Peace" from the point of view of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and Druze.

      We continue to find ways to continue our work together and to be
      strengthened to resist the anger, fear, and mistrust in our tragic

      This report was prepared with assistance from Ibtisam Mahameed, Siham
      Halabi, and Hanan Totary.

      We send greetings to all our Muslim friends for a happy and blesssed


      Elana Rozenman
      National Coordinator
      Women's Interfaith Encounter
      Interfaith Encounter Association

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      P.O.Box 3814, Jerusalem 91037, Israel
      Phone: +972-2-6510520
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      Website: www.interfaith-encounter.org

      Sheikh Muhammad Kiwan, Chair
      Sr. Karmela Farrugia, Vice-chair
      Mr. Shlomo Alon, Vice-chair
      Sheikh Ali Birani
      Rabbi Dov Maimon
      Ms. Ibtisam Mahamid
      Sheikh Tawfiq Salama

      Yehuda Stolov, Director
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