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New INTERFAITH ENCOUNTER ASSOCIATION launched: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally in the Holy Land

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  • Yehuda Stolov
    INTERFAITH ENCOUNTER ASSOCIATION ******************************** September 11, 2001 will remain etched in the collective memory of humanity for centuries, if
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2001

      September 11, 2001 will remain etched in the collective memory of
      humanity for centuries, if not forever. In a moment that was witnessed
      live by hundreds of millions, the potential evil inherent in blind
      religious hatred and fanaticism was made manifest in a manner that left
      many people stunned with disbelief or paralyzed by fear. The simple truth
      of Hans Kung's observation has been revealed anew with an unavoidable
      urgency: "No survival without a world ethic. No world peace without peace
      between the religions. No peace between the religions without dialogue
      between the religions." Now more than ever, the global village, and every
      society within it, desperately needs common binding values and norms of
      behavior. Such an ethic can be formulated and instilled only through broad
      and ongoing coalitions of men and women of the different faiths. Now is
      the hour to think globally and act locally.

      In the Holy Land, September 2001 also marks the end of a year of
      daily conflict and violence that has taken a painful toll in human lives
      and aroused in broad segments of the population a terrifying fear of "the
      other". Here too, religion has frequently been abused to fan the flames of
      hatred, while voices calling for reconciliation through dialogue between the
      religions have been few and feeble. Despite decades of commendable
      interfaith activities in the country, to date only an extremely limited
      circle of individuals has recognized that religious faith and commitment
      without dialogue threatens the stability of society, and thus seriously
      engages in dialogue. There is an urgent need to supplement existing
      interfaith efforts, both through new strategies to draw ever larger numbers
      of individuals into the circle of interfaith dialogue, and through the
      development of interactive models for encounter that can affect true and
      lasting change in the outlook and attitude of participants.

      In light of the above, a group of concerned longtime interfaith
      activists has recently formed the Interfaith Encounter Association. Our
      vision is a society in which the otherness of the other is not only
      accepted, but truly understood and respected. We wish to make a
      significant contribution to the fulfillment of this vision through the
      Interfaith Encounter Association, which will be guided by the following
      basic principles and goals:

      * Equal representation of all faiths in the Association
      * Equality of the genders in the decision making processes and
      activities of the Association
      * Outreach to individuals from all faiths, age groups, walks of life
      and levels of society
      * Outreach to individuals across the religious-secular and political
      * Continual recruitment through committed activists on the local and
      regional levels
      * Implementation of interactive programs that effectively change
      outlooks and attitudes, such as extended weekend seminars and
      ongoing study groups
      * Continual development of new interactive models for effective
      * Ongoing evaluation of all strategies and programs

      The Association seeks the support and cooperation of all
      individuals and organizations that share its goals of promoting peace
      through interfaith dialogue. We invite you to actively promote the goals
      of the Interfaith Encounter Association by initiating a local dialogue
      group in your area and/or in other ways that you might suggest. Please
      inform us of your initiatives and of any assistance that you might need in
      implementing them.

      Please note and share with others the following details concerning
      the Association:

      Name: Interfaith Encounter Association
      Amuta (NGO): 580379493
      E-mail: msyuda@...
      S-mail: c/o Yehuda Stolov, 9 Habanay Street, Jerusalem 96264, Israel

      You are invited to join us through subscribing to our e-lists. You can
      do so by sending a blank message to:

      * In Israel (invitations & reports):
      * Abroad (reports only): iea-reports-subscribe@egroups.com

      You can unsubscribe from the lists at any point by sending a blank message
      to: iea-announcements-unsubscribe@egroups.com
      OR: iea-reports-unsubscribe@egroups.com

      The Interfaith Encounter Association
      9 Habanay Street
      Jerusalem 96264, Israel

      All contributions are welcome, small and large!

      Yehuda Stolov, Director
      E-mail: msyuda@...
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