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JOSEPH - Reut-Sadaqa encounter on June 16th

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  • Yehuda Stolov
    Reut-Sadaqa encounter on 16.6.2008 Theme: Joseph in Judaism, Christianity and Islam This subject was chosen by the members of the group. The main objective was
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      Report of Reut-Sadaqa meeting on 16

      Reut-Sadaqa encounter on 16.6.2008

      Theme: Joseph in Judaism, Christianity and Islam


      This subject was chosen by the members of the group. The main objective was to learn from this story in the holy books and to create dialogue among the members of the group.


      Rafiqa and Karmela, coordinators of the group, led the meeting and welcomed the guests: Mr. Bob Carroll and Rabbi Dr. Allan Bril, supporters of IEA and two new members in the group: Ms. Adina Podolsky and Mr. Conny Nylen from Sweden, who serves in the West Bank; he interviewed the two coordinators out of his interest in the Interfaith Encounter Association.


      Rafiqa opened the meeting by asking each one present to introduce himself/herself.


      Rafiqa presented Joseph's story from the Islamic point of view as it appears in the Holy Koran and the lesson we learn from this story. After telling the story according to the Holy Koran, she concluded that from Joseph's story we learn forgiving and reconciling ourselves with those who did us wrong in the hope that they learn to forgive and love instead of to hate.


      Joseph's story from the Jewish perspective was commented on by several members; here we bring two who sent their contribution.


      "The Joseph cycle, along with the first chapters of Exodus, has become a paradigm for much of Jewish history that will later play out in future generations, whenever the People of Israel are separated from Their Land."


      "Joseph, the spoiled favorite son of Jacob who aroused his brothers' jealousy, first used his gift of dream interpretation to his detriment. He was cast into a pit and then sold into slavery. Later on, in Egypt, that same ability enabled him to rise in power and help many, even his brothers and father. Had he not been cast down he would not have risen so high nor grown to great moral stature. From his example, all may learn how to face adversity, to use our abilities to surmount difficulty and grow in the process."


      Joseph's story from the Christian perspective:


      "May be parents have to pay attention not to make differences among their children for if they spoil one the others may become jealous. This can apply also for educators to treat those entrusted to their care fairly not to cause rivalry."


      Fr. Louis Bohte brought a beautiful picture of Joseph painted by the famous painter Rembrandt. A long discussion followed in observing this very telling painting.


      Since the members of the group were all on time, we had ample time for our reflections which we enjoyed enormously.


      The group enjoyed their break and refreshments in the beautiful enchanting garden of the Swedish Theological Institute where we met. This was an opportunity to engage in other topics and get to know each other better.


      The meeting ended after we decided on the topic and date for our next meeting.


      This report was prepared by the coordinators: Ms Rafiqa Othman and Sr. Karmela Farrugia.




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