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INVITATION: 14th(!!) Israeli - palestinian conference, 16-17 June 2005

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  • Yehuda Stolov
    Creation in Judaism, Christianity and Islam A joint retreat of Hope Flower School and Interfaith Encounter Association The Interfaith Encounter Association
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      Creation in Judaism, Christianity and Islam


      A joint retreat of 

      Hope Flower School and Interfaith Encounter Association

      The Interfaith Encounter Association (IEA) is pleased to invite you to the 14th conference of interfaith dialogue and discussions for Israelis and Palestinians, co-organized by IEA with the Hope Flower School. After the significant success of the previous conferences, we are very excited to continue the process of true peace-building through deep and sincere interfaith dialogue.
      This 14th retreat has a few new characteristics:
      a.      This retreat has no outside funding! When the grants of the European Union, UNESCO and the US Embassy (for which we are for ever very grateful) ended we thought at first that we will be forced to put this process on hold until further funds are secured. However, thanks to our ability to use the small guest house of the Hope Flowers School, we believe that we can sustain the process on a lower scale until further funds are secured.
      b.      One following result is that, unfortunately, we will not be able to subsidize participants who find it challenging to pay the participation fee.
      c.       Another following result is that all of us who participate will sign a statement that we take part in this program on our own responsibility.
      d.      On the other hand I want to emphasize that the Hope Flowers School is in area C (i.e. fully controlled by Israel) and that I personally have visited there numerous times in the last months and always felt very safe. 
      During the conference we will engage in non-political interfaith discussions designed to help participants better know "the other" in his/her humanity, which we believe can make a substantial contribution to human peace among the two peoples and three faiths that share this Holy Land. We will also sing together religious and cultural songs and have time for spontaneous conversations.
      Time:     From Thursday 
      15:00pm (leaving Jerusalem), 
      June 16, 2005 till Friday 
      16:00pm (returning to Jerusalem), June 17. 
      Place:     The Guest House of the Hope Flowers School, El Khader
      Participation fee: for affiliates who paid dues for 2005:  250 NIS
                                     for others:   300 NIS
      ·         Price includes participation in seminar activities.
                     Accommodation, meals on full board basis and refreshments in coffee breaks will be provided by us.
      ·        Affiliation dues for 2005 are 100 NIS. We ask you to make the effort, if you can, and support us. Paying the affiliation dues gives priority when space is limited and reductions off participation fees, but mainly helps running the Interfaith Encounter Association, support existing projects and initiate new ones.
      Registration:   Please send a check to the Interfaith Encounter Association (in Hebrew: AGUDAT   HAMIFGASH   HABEIN   DATI) with the filled registration form.
      Our address is: P.O.Box 3814, Jerusalem 91037
      Please ALSO inform us by phone - 02-6510520 (voice-box 24 hours a day)
      Please note that all participants should sign the registration form on the bottom of this page and send it to our office.
      Please also note:  In case of over registration - priority will be given to people whose full registration and payment arrived at the office and to people who paid their affiliation dues for 2005.
      Registration Form
      Tel No:                                                      E-mail:                                                              
      No. of persons registering:
      Enclosed Affiliation Dues for 2005  [ ] 100 NIS
       and/or        for      participants.
      I understand:   [ ] Hebrew      [ ] Arabic      [ ] English
      I speak:           [ ] Hebrew      [ ] Arabic      [ ] English
      [ ] I ask for Vegetarian food
      [ ] I ask for supervised Kosher food
      I understand that I am attending the conference on my own responsibility





      The Interfaith Encounter Association

      P.O.Box  3814 , Jerusalem 91037 , Israel

      Phone: +972-2-6510520

      Fax:     +972-2-6510557

      Website: www.interfaith-encounter.org



        Mr. Shlomo Alon, Chair 

        Sr. Karmela Farrugia, Vice-Chair

        Sheikh Muhammad Kiwan, Vice-Chair

        Sheikh Ali Birani

        Rabbi Dov Maimon

        Deacon Eng. Jirias Mansour

        Sheikh Tawfiq Salama


      Dr. Yehuda Stolov, Executive Director

      E-mail: yehuda@...



      All contributions are welcome, small and large!


      NEW: Donate on-line at: http://www.interfaith-encounter.org/donations.htm


      Contributions made from the U.S. , Switzerland and the U.K. are tax deductible.


      You and others are welcome to join our e-mailing lists by sending a blank message to:

      *   In Israel (gets also invitations):


      *   Abroad (gets reports only):  iea-reports-subscribe@yahoogroups.com



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