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Averto: Wikipedia artiklo pri Ido

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  • James Chandler
    Kar idisti Me decidis avertar vi pri recenta aktiveso dal Esperantistacho konocata Donald J. Harlow che la artiklo pri Ido en la angla Wikipedia. Voluntez
    Message 1 of 1 , May 12, 2007
      Kar idisti

      Me decidis avertar vi pri recenta aktiveso dal Esperantistacho konocata
      Donald J. Harlow che la artiklo pri Ido en la angla Wikipedia. Voluntez
      lektar la suba redakti e judikez vi ipsa, ka vi volas aceptar ica chanji, o



      I just edited the Ido article (English wikipedia) slightly.

      (1) The name "Ido" was first used by Louis Couturat as his pseudonym
      on the booklet that was presented to the Delegation Committee. He
      used the name verbally in assuring Ostwald that neither he nor
      Leopold Leau was the person "Ido" during a meeting of the delegation.
      He also used it in his letter to Zamenhof of 26 October 1907 (in
      which he again assured Zamenhof that neither he nor Leau was the
      person "Ido" -- a little white fib, as we now know). Very early on,
      Couturat referred in his editing of the decisions of the DK to "the
      project of Ido", to which Gaston Moch, in his protest about
      Couturat's editing, referred as "the project Ido" -- apparently the
      same process by which "the language of Dr. Esperanto" had earlier
      become "the language Esperanto". (And no, I don't go through all this
      in the editing process.)

      (2) Early in the same paragraph, a red line under the word spelled
      "sizeable" suggested that it should be "sizable", and I made that
      change as well. Watch those red lines, guys. If you find them under a
      phrase such as "Idiomo di Omni" (another explanation for the name
      Ido), well, you can safely ignore them, but if you find them under an
      English word, pay some attention. Actually, in English they don't
      show up often enough (you won't find them, for instance, in the
      incorrectly spelled "I was sitting down buy the stream").

      (3) Sentence originally read: "Ido first appeared in 1907 as a result
      of a desire to reform perceived flaws in Esperanto that its
      supporters believed to be a hindrance in its propagation as an
      easy-to-learn second language." I changed "its supporters" to "some
      of its supporters". As the sequel showed, this should probably be "a
      few of its supporters" or even "a tiny fraction of its supporters",
      but I ran out of piss to put in the Ido pond at about that time.

      Kordiale, James Chandler
      http://www.geocities.com/idojc - IALs index
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