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  • James Chandler
    An interesting request below - I will translate it into Ido for Idolisto, but for now here it is in English... Kordiale, James Chandler idojc@hotmail.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 16, 2005
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      An interesting request below - I will translate it into Ido for Idolisto,
      but for now here it is in English...

      Kordiale, James Chandler
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      Here is a request for help concerning Couturat...
      The drawings of Couturat I have are by Ric Berger.
      Can anyone else help with more info?

      With regards,
      Jay B.

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      From: James T. Smith
      Date: 14 nov. 2005 19:36
      Subject: Couturat
      Cc: Elena Anne Marchisotto


      With my colleague Elena Marchisotto I'm finishing for publication a book on
      the Italian mathematician Mario Pieri, who died in 1913. I don't think he
      had much real connection with the auxiliary language movement but he was a
      member of the Academia pro Interlingua and a close associate of both
      Giuseppe Peano and Louis Couturat in mathematics and logic. Peano published
      his obituary in Latino sine flexione.

      Perhaps you can help me with three questions about Couturat.

      1. What is the source of the hand-drawn portraits of him on your
      website? I would like to include a portrait of him in the book, but haven't
      been able to determine whether these are in public domain.

      2. Do you know of any public-domain actual photographs of Couturat?

      3. On the website http://io.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_Couturat is a
      good biography of Couturat by Louis de Beaufront, written in Ido. In fact,
      it's the best I've found, and I would like to cite it in my bibliography. I
      don't mind citing something in Ido, but I would prefer to cite a hardcopy
      version as well.
      3a. Do you know the original printed source of the de Beaufront
      3b. Do you know any better biography of Couturat?

      I'd certainly appreciate any information you could give on these questions,
      and certainly anything you could say about Pieri vis-a-vis auxiliary

      James T. Smith
      Professor of Mathematics
      San Francisco State University

      Auxilingua Project

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