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news 11-10-2008

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  • manasvi nehta
    11=10=2008 Fresh news Bachchan taken ill; admitted to Lilavati hospital Mumbai, Oct 11 Superstar Amitabh Bachchan, who turned 66 today, has been admitted to
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      11=10=2008 Fresh news

      Bachchan taken ill;
      admitted to Lilavati hospital

      Mumbai, Oct 11 Superstar Amitabh Bachchan, who turned 66 today, has
      been admitted to Lilavati Hospital here after he complained of abdominal pain,
      hospital sources said. Bachchan was earlier taken to Nanavati Hospital,
      where X-rays of his stomach and chest were taken. He then proceeded to Lilavati Hospital in suburban Bandra. He has been
      admitted under Jayant Barve, who is also his family doctor, the sources said.
      Sources said the Big B, who was shooting for 'Teen Patti' till yesterday, was
      taken ill last night and complained of abdominal cramps.


      Now, Gujarat
      farmers stake their claim on Nano site


      Oct 11

      Even as
      the Government of Gujarat celebrates the arrival of Tata Motors' Nano plant,
      rumblings of discontent are gradually becoming louder among a section of
      farmers from villages near the proposed site in Sanand.

      In a
      refrain that echoes the concerns of the farmers at Singur, a number of
      villagers are beginning to bring up issues regarding land rights and
      compensation. Farmers from Khoda, Bhod, Amareli and Modasar are staking their
      claim on the 1,100 acres that has been given to the Tatas for the Nano factory,
      saying that the land belonged to their forefathers.

      the great famine, our forefathers gave the land to the British government on
      lease for 100 years so it could be used as a grazing ground," claims
      Meghrajsinh Chauhan from Bhod. "When we asked for the land in 2002, we
      were told that the government had acquired it in 1911. Since then we have been
      running from pillar to post to get our land rights, but no one has ever heard
      us," he says.

      Chauhan is quick to add that the farmers have nothing against the Tatas or the
      Nano plant being set up here, he makes it clear that the farmers expect more
      benefits. "We are the real owners of the land and we have got nothing in
      the deal. We should get our share of compensation too. We'll fight till the
      last for our rights," he asserts, adding that the Anand University
      campus was also built on the farmers' land.  "Our struggle for land rights did not
      start after the Tatas came, but even though we have fought for so long, nobody
      is listening to us. We are now trying to resolve the issue through the legal
      system, but if things don't work, we may have to resort to stronger measures
      like hunger strikes," he adds.

      are talking to lawyers to move courts," confirms Mukeshsinh Vaghela from
      Khoda village. "But we need some more evidence to prove our rights. We are
      currently trying to get those papers. The state Government is hiding a lot of
      things from us. They say the land has been acquired in 1911, but it has failed
      to give us the documents to prove this," he adds.

      to Ahmedabad District Collector Harit Shukla, however, the farmers do not have
      much of a case. Acknowledging that the land was leased to the British
      Government in 1899 for 100 years, Shukla says the land was acquired in 1911 and
      the farmers were paid a compensation of Rs 2 lakh then.

      have enough documents to prove that they were compensated," says Shukla,
      adding that the government does not owe the farmers any more compensation.

      Violence against any
      religion is unacceptable: Advani



      Sat, Oct 11

      As attacks on Christians allegedly by Bajrang
      Dal continued in Orissa, senior BJP leader L K Advani denounced violence
      against any religion or place of worship, saying it is 'unacceptable'.


      "Vandalism and violence against any
      religion or place of worship shall not be tolerated and is highly
      condemnable," the BJP's Prime Ministerial face told a rally.


      "Differences, if any, should be sorted
      out through dialogue and no other means is acceptable," Advani said.


      The comments of the BJP leader assume
      significance as Sangh Parivar outfit Bajrang Dal has been accused of
      perpetrating attacks on Christians and Churches in Orissa as also Karnataka..


      Before the rally, a delegation of Christians
      of Arunachal Pradesh met Advani and sought his intervention in stopping attacks
      on Christians in Orissa and Karnataka.


      In the wake of violence against Christians,
      pressure is mounting on the Central government to ban Bajrang Dal.


      The issue even came up at the Union Cabinet
      meeting on Wednesday, with a number of Ministers pressing for banning Bajrang
      Dal to send out a message.


      The government, however, deferred a decision
      on it.


      Bailout plan big
      enough; anxiety worsening problems: Bush


      Oct 11

      Washington, Oct 10  Noting that a high level of anxiety about the
      financial crisis was worsening the problem, US President George W Bush today
      said his government's "aggressive" rescue package will take time to
      have its impact. In a brief statement made here at White House, Bush said that
      the rescue plan proposed by the administration to bail out the country's
      financial institutions was aggressive and big enough, but would take some time
      to work. Noting that all the major economies were working together to stabilise
      the markets and stop the panic from spreading further, Bush said, "Through
      these efforts, the world is sending an unmistakable signal. We are in this
      together and we will come through this together." "We are a
      prosperous nation with immense resources and a wide range of tools at our
      disposal... We can solve this crisis and we will," he said. Noting that
      the anxiety among the people over the crisis was making the things worse, Bush
      noted said, "That anxiety can feed anxiety and that can make it hard to
      see all that is being done to solve the problem." The statement came in
      the midst of a sharp plunge in stock markets across the world, including a weak
      opening in the US
      markets and ahead of a meeting of G-20 countries on Saturday, called by the US
      Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, to discuss ways to tackle the global
      financial crisis..                                                   

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