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Do You Remember ??

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  • sanjaykumar kakkad
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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2008
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      [Do You

       Remember ??]   

      Do you remember when we met,

      how our eyes met?

      How we understood.

      And knew someday we would?

      Do you remember all our plans,

      all the things,

      even just holding hands?

      Do remember the simple touch,

      the one we longed for so much?

      Do you remember me,

      and the way things use to be?


      You've been there for me

       through the good times and bad

      I know I can count on you

       to be there when I'm sad


      Life without you

      just wouldn't be right

      I wouldn't be able to get through

      each day and night



      When I've had a bad day

      I know that you're only a call away

      When life takes that crazy turn

      You are always there to help me learn


      We've had so many good times together

      I know we'll be best friends forever

      No matter where we are

      I know we'll never be too far



      You're my idol, my sister, my friend

      We'll be together till the end

      Even when we're old and gray

      You'll be here still, to help me get on my way



      When the roses lose their fragrance,

          and the world seems at an end,

      When the day has lost its gladness,

          what a blessing is a Friend.


      One who takes you as she finds you,

          caring not who is to blame,

      One who knows all your shortcomings,

          but who loves you just the same.



      Heaven sends a gift each morn,

          of a bright new day to spend,

      What a joy it is to share it with,

          God's greatest gift...A Friend



      I sit alone thinking of you

      and all the things we've both been through

      You are my soul mate, my very best friend

      and I know you'll be there until the end


      Your shoulder to cry on will soon be gone

      who will be there when something is wrong

      When times are tough you're always there

      It shows me just how much you care



      Although were going separate ways

      you're in my heart till my final days

      Nothing can make a person see

      how special a friend you are to me


      I dreamed of a friend just like you

      and finally my dream came true

      Nothing else could ever fulfill

      everything you're friendship will




      You understand a side of me

      that no one else could ever see

      You know whats wrong before i cry

      but if I do, you will always know why


      A friend like you is hard to find

      you put my problems all behind

      You were there when no one cared

      the best times were the ones we shared


      We've been together through good and bad

      you made me laugh when i was sad

      And no one else could ever be

      as good of a friend you are to me


      Our time together is wilting away

      more and more everyday

      But now until the very end

      you'll always be my special friend.


      catrina halili


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