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Re: college boys of summer and war

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  • Robert Borowicz
    Bob, Indeed the FSU trouncing of Ohio State is embarassing. We have seen the run rule in Austin over the years but in the NCAA tournement there is no such
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 1, 2009
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      Indeed the FSU trouncing of Ohio State is embarassing. We have seen the "run rule" in Austin over the years but in the NCAA tournement there is no such rule. Nor is there a curfew as I experienced Sat night/Sunday morning and the 25 inning affair.

      Speaking of being patriotic... Or NOT... The Longhorn Baseball team was anything but that to a scrappy Army team Sunday night, when UT pulled out a 14-10 come-from-behind victory in the bottom of the 9th.

      With Army leading 10-6 going into the bottom of the 9th, we loaded the bases and a ground out scored a run to make it 10-7. Then another walk loaded the bases again, and our SS hit a towering shot that *JUST* missed going out for a bases clearing 3 run double tieing the score at 10-10.

      But we weren't done yet... Two MORE walks loaded the bases yet again and up came our Senior catcher/1B who was simply trying to score the winning run from home with a sac fly. (there was 1 out)

      Well the sac fly turned into a monster blast over the LF fence and Austin went biserk as Preston Clark walked off a grand slam to beat Army in the bottom of the ninth. As the cliche goes... the place went nuts!

      Next round of the tourney (Super Regionals) for us is next weekend and we get: TCU in Austin.

      I must say the Army cadets were good sports and our announcer gave the men about to serve our country good props thanking them for a great tournement. We gave them a standing ovation in defeat to lots of doffed caps from the huddled and stunned Army team.

      Lastly we always sing "The Eyes of Texas" to our team after each game as they line up along the RF foul line and we salute each other with the "hook-em" held high. In respect the Army team lined up on the LF line and folded their hands in front of them stopping their post game huddle in respect to us. Very very classy of the Army team I thought.

      -Austin Bob {without much of a voice this morning}

      -- In iddiots@yahoogroups.com, bobturba@... wrote:
      > Interesting reading about UT going many innings, but I just checked
      > the score of the Florida State vs Ohio State game, and in the top of
      > the 5th, no outs, FSU leads 31 to 0. 31FRIGGIN to Zip!!! I guess there
      > won't be any extra innings there!
      > Go Noles
      > War - I'm ordering a tee shirt that says, "I'm Already Against the
      > Next War." I respect Kidd, other vets, and every active duty military
      > person. God bless you guys for serving your country - really,
      > seriously, without a doubt. I hope my comments didn't come across as a
      > dis to you, Kidd - they weren't meant in that way. The situations that
      > Kidd talked about with the men in the military having various sorts of
      > problems with the women, means to me that the men didn't try very had
      > to listen to the women. They might have listened, but then they
      > personalized answers and situations, which basically meant that they
      > (men) ignored the women's feelings. This isn't just a sexual phenom -
      > too many people don't respect others feelings - agree or not - just
      > respect them as theirs.
      > Also mentioned was how something about how the media and other authors
      > highlight the negative. Well, has anyone ever seen a positive slant on
      > a war, except when it's over?
      > bobt
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