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Re: [iddiots] Gift Horse from the Gimmes...

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  • John J Launder
    I think I saw at hot topic the same thing with the new Coldplay.                  John J Launder ... From: r_gordon_7wa
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2008
      I think I saw at hot topic the same thing with the new Coldplay.
                     John J Launder

      --- On Thu, 7/31/08, r_gordon_7wa <r-gordon-7@...> wrote:
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      Subject: [iddiots] Gift Horse from the Gimmes...
      To: iddiots@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Thursday, July 31, 2008, 10:06 PM

      Today I received the latest release ("Have Another Ball") from one of
      my recurring guilty pleasure groups – "Me First And The Gimme
      Gimmes". For the uninitiated, The Gimme Gimmes specialize in hard
      driving up-tempo heavy metal punkish (slightly Ramone-ish) covers of
      mostly 70's songs that are often covered, but not this way... I
      know – it probably sounds like an awful idea – and some of their
      stuff does indeed sound awful – but much of it is great fun.

      This is their 7th release – though it's mostly material they
      recorded about 12 years ago. On it are versions of, "Rich Girl, "The
      Boxer", "Country Roads", "I Write the Songs", "You've Got A
      Friend", "Mahogany", "Mother and Child Reunion", "Only The Good Die
      Young", "Coming to America", "The Harder They Come", and "Don't Let
      the Sun Go Down on Me". The standouts are, "The Harder They
      Come", "Rich Girl", "The Boxer", "Country Roads", "Mother & Child
      Reunion" and "Mahogany".

      Anyhow, I ordered the CD from Tower. When the package arrived, I knew
      by its size & shape that something was wrong. I opened it – and,
      seeing they'd sent it to me in vinyl (LP), I was about to call them
      and complain when I noticed on the front of the jacket a sticker
      reading, "+CD – This LP includes a bonus CD of the full album". The
      release is on Fat Wreck Chords – the same label as The Gimmes' other
      releases. Each of the other releases has been available in a choice
      of either CD or vinyl, but this is the first to come in a single dual
      format package for the price of one.

      Anyone know of any other recent releases that have come this way
      (full duplicate CD & LP in same package for the price of only one)?


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