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Re: [iddiots] Missing song FOUND!

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  • Ken Bielen
    I m Doing Fine Now by New York City ________________________________ From: Brian Leonard To: Idiot s Delight Digest
    Message 1 of 15 , Feb 21, 2013
      I'm Doing Fine Now by New York City

      From: Brian Leonard <unclebrian@...>
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      Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 3:04 PM
      Subject: [iddiots] Missing song FOUND!
      First, a belated 18th birthday to the IDD. My 17th anniversary of being
      an IDDiot is coming up shortly. Fly times. Thanks to Scott, FiL, and
      everyone else for keeping this afloat.

      For years, I have been looking for a missing song that has vaguely existed
      in my memory. All I could remember about it was that it was a
      summer-esque song and had a nice slow groove. I could further deduce that
      it was almost certainly from my prime hit-radio-listening years of
      1970-1977, although by '74 or '75, my hit radio listening had started to
      decrease quite a bit.

      For a while I thought perhaps it was The Temptations' "Just My
      Imagination", but...no...close, but that wasn't it. I knew--I just
      knew--there was some other song, somewhat similar, that I was thinking of.
      Online searches did me no good; I simply knew I'd know it when I heard it

      A couple of months ago, I bought a best-of CD by a band that had had more
      hits than I remembered. I put it in my TBLT pile and got it out for car
      listening a few days ago. I fed it to my CD player and, right after my
      favorite hit by this band, a slow groove began...and within a few bars, I
      knew it was my long-lost song! I practically drove off the road and I
      played it over and over.

      Before I reveal what it was, I'm curious--anyone think they can identify
      it with the info I've provided? If no one gets it within a few days, I'll
      give it up...

      Rave On,

      Brian Leonard
      12711 Greenhall Drive
      Lake Ridge, VA 22192-3207
      Work: (703) 494-4625
      Cell: (703) 220-8121
      Fax: (703) 494-2140

      "You always need a lot of luck. It's no good just being hard-working.
      There's a lot of people hard-working. But you've got to be hard-working,
      on your game and be lucky." --Mick Jagger, 2010

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