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  • Kiddrane@aol.com
    Now, in the old days I used to call that a cosmic coincidence, but, is it in fact the universe doing its thing? I had to read your message several times so I
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2012
      Now, in the old days I used to call that a cosmic coincidence, but, is it in fact 'the universe' doing its thing?
       I had to read your message several times so I could consult the appropriate individuals. When answering such questions the appropriate individuals are available to offer their professional insights and overall expert opinions.
      I contacted Dr. Winston O'Boogie, a long time resident of all things cosmic related. He advised that there is a definite connection between cosmic coincidence and instant karma.
      When these two universally connected experiences collide they add up to situations where-by deja-vu and as you called it the universe do their thing.
      During my chat with Dr. Winston, he informed me that younger minds although the best to promote curiosity and inquisitiveness, have a clear view of universal collisions with a limited view.
      I asked him to elaborate and he told me: "Cosmic coincidence has all to do with mirrors. They are Houdini-tricks in disguise with a much more dangerous twist to our accepted reality."
      Knowing full well I was looking at him like he had two heads, he simplified his explanation this way:
      The things people most want can be achieved if enough rely on one another for answers. So it is that in the case of Brazilian music being heard after talking with people about things related to Brazil is akin to hearing a tree fall in the forest. You actually hear it but cannot prove it.
      The other individual I sort out in an effort to answer your question was a close friend by the name of Bob Googenblatt.
      Bob and I go way back as friends and his world view is related to things being frozen in time.
      He advised, "The universe has already gone through it's necessary changes and we as a species are living in the material world. Our daily experiences are history before they actually occur. According to Bob, everything can be traced back to the Titanic sinking back in 1912. It is at that precise moment in cosmic time that mankind stopped making public promises of anything - anywhere being unsinkable and thereby forcing the world in to an emotional collapse with reality.
      I was of course dumbfounded to understand such an accusation could be even remotely possible. Until that is Bob said, "How else can you explain reality television shows being directly associated with fiscal cliffs?" Immediately, I understood and found his theories not only sound but quite rationale in nature.
      I do hope this helps you better understand about the universe doing its thing.
      Have a pleasant New Year and may it bring all the things you dream about.
      Keep smiling and rock on, Kiddrane out near Lake Marie waiting for the new year.
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