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318Your vote and the highway that will not die

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  • ivalleyid
    May 23, 2008
      Some of you may have received an automated phone call from Sen. John
      McGee of Caldwell in support of Diana Thomas for representative from
      District 9. I just want to let you know that his insistance that HB
      657, this year's GARVEE highway funding bill, does not in any way
      include funding for the Indian Valley Highway is absolutely false.
      Anyone who has read the bill--which you can do online on the Idaho
      Legislature's website--can see that. Diana Thomas voted with
      Senator McGee in favor of HB657 this past session. Now that she is
      taking heat from folks in her district, she insists that the bill
      does not include the Indian Valley Highway. That simply is not
      true. If you happen to live in District 10, know that your young
      senator is lying to get a colleague elected. I e-mailed the
      following to him this morning:

      Dear Senator McGee:
      Yesterday I received your automated telephone call in support of
      Diana Thomas for representative in District 9. I am very
      disappointed that you are spreading misinformation in order to try
      to get Ms. Thomas elected. HB657 clearly states that the
      Transportation Department "shall" use GARVEE funds on the 13
      specific projects listed in the bill. Just as clearly, the South
      Emmett to Mesa Highway with connector to Highway 55 is included in
      that list of GARVEE-funded highway projects. Your insistence
      that "the Indian Valley Highway is in no way funded by HB657" is
      blatantly false. I am contacting all my friends and family who live
      in your district to alert them to your misinformation campaign and
      to urge them to carefully consider your tactics, ethics and
      credibility when they go to the polls.
      Wendy Green
      Indian Valley Alliance