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307From the Opinion Page -- Cascade Docks --

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  • grfranklin53
    Aug 25, 2007
      From The Idaho Statesman, Saturday, August 25, 2007, Main page 14

      Cascade Docks - Federal policy an invasive imposition on homeowners

      I would like to let the public know about another invasive and
      ridiculous government proposal that will probably interest few people
      even though it is a practice that is becoming more and more typical
      of the increasing government interference in our lives and may
      someday affect each one of us.

      The latest proposal: the Bureau of Reclamation (headed by Dirk
      Kempthorne of the Department of Interior) wants to remove all private
      docks from Cascade Reservoir. These docks have permits issued by the
      B.O.R. and generate thousands of dollars annually. Under the
      proposal, this revenue will be entirely lost, but I have yet to be
      told what or who this propsal would benefit. However, as I
      understand it, the huge proposed marina at Tamarack will be allowed
      to stay. Hmm.

      The B.O.R. has graciously allowed the homeowners a comment period.
      Do they expect all homeowners to say: Oh, yes, please make us remove
      our docks that have cost us thousands of dollars?

      Is it any wonder that our confidence in government is at an all-time
      low, and our politicians' approval ratings are the lowest ever

      Basil Harrison, Donnelly
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