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306Re:From the Baseline to the Bottom Line

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  • Julie Burkhardt
    Aug 8, 2007
      Well, so much for all the hopeful rumors that Agassi-Graf had pulled out of Tamarack.  All we have going now is to hope the land exchange doesn't happen.  Of course, with the powerful allies this outfit has, i think the best we can hope for is to throw a few boulders in their path.
      The bumperstickers are a fine idea, but how about billboards too?  I don't think the majority of folks have a clue about the negative effects of Tamarack on others.  I, for one, am outraged about the negative changes being wrought on our rural lifestyles and economies.  I think we should be editorializing about how Kemthorne should go back east where he seems to be right at home and stay away from Idaho.  No more national monuments (a la Clinton) or parks.  We have enough public land that is off limits!! 
      Kempthorn is determined to ruin rural Idaho.  His campaing promises to help rural Idaho were worse than empty.  These monumnets and parks are always located where there is the least opposition (small communities) and where the masses can come "play".  Who cares about our lives, economies and capabilities of our local governments?  Not the wealthy elite like Kempthorn.  Look at what has happened in Garfield County, Utah if you need an example. Talk to folks in ranching and/or local governments.
      It is unfortunate that we don't have the deep pockets it will take to fight just one battle for our way of life out in rural Idaho.

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