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302Stealth road planing

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  • Dave Dudley
    Jul 2, 2007
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      It seems that there are all kinds of not very visible activities happening that could improve
      the chances of a Indian Valley road being built. These include the Tammarack Land
      Exchange which would permit the development of lands that are now public ( state) These
      lands would give the resort the opportunity to expand its housing and development plans
      and thus increase pressure for a quicker access route from the treasure valley.
      At he other end of the route Compass and the ITD are making plans for a new exit
      towards Emmett and Payette from the interstate. The proposals include one route
      pointing right towards the south end of the proposed Indian Valley highway.
      With the rumors on the street the land exchange is a done deal and that it is just a
      matter of time for the new exit we will likely have our hands full. Perhaps it is time to get
      the word out and help some of our friends connect the dots. This road is still a terrible
      idea and those who support it have by no means given up. I bet some of you folks out
      there have some more info about this .. Lets share it and make some plans.